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Unfortunate to see this store close by the end of the year. I was always a fan of this store and brand. I've seen the events they've done and always thought they were unbelievable. I've seen Colette exclusive collections come and go. I never met Sarah but I know she's highly respected and I respect what she has done with the direction for Colette. When I went to Paris earlier this year, this was the first place I had to stop by. If you're in Paris before December, I highly suggest stopping by.

Didn't take any photos for my bday so I'll post this. 26 was a great year of traveling and getting goals accomplished. Thanks to my girlfriend for making this day special. Anyone ever feel like you're not the age you're supposed to feel like? Maybe it'll hit me later on but I don't feel any older!

Wow thank you Matt. I'm speechless.

Like it was 06.

Much better.

Went to Puerto Rico. Got burnt. Moral of the story, always use sunblock. Like large amounts. I cannot stress that enough, now that I learned my lesson.

Unforgettable. Neek in the cut. Ali the clutch. @neeklurk @al_sharpson

Proud of the whole BAPE® team. Thanks for the support from everyone. Have to thank Neek for this opportunity. @neeklurk 📸 @girlgeniuss

This was a fire exhibit.

Neek did the ASSC samples come in yet? @neeklurk @antisocialsocialclub

Lil Boat. Lil Bro. @lilyachty ⛵️thank you.

Heard yesterday was quite a shit storm. Thanks Neek. @neeklurk @antisocialsocialclub

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