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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🖤⚡️Taima⚡️🖤  🇸🇾 | 🇩🇪 ⠀ حَلبيّة 🌹 🖤 She reppin' XO to the death ⚡️ The Weeknd | XOTWOD 👻 itstaima97


Thursdays are so holy to me🥀⚡️🖤
#XO #theweeknd #thursday #stargirl

All black everythaaang🖤
Photo: @mariam.r.a as always🌹

I bet you miss me now baby.. I bet you'd kiss me now baby.. Specially since you know that this ain't nothing and I only just begun🎶⚡️🖤

I don't understand them girls who take those "sawrni w ana mou mntbha" type of pictures..🙄
#understandthesarcasm #sunday #düsseldorf 🌸💗

La lune ne sera pas toujours pleine..Mon cœur ne sera pas toujours vide..🌹🎶

I'm in a desperate need for opinions on the jacket🌚 I feel like I'm rocking a look that I used to rock in Syria back in 2010 when everyone had their emo phase😂🖤
#thursdaymood #potd #ootd

I look so different with actual cake face on but I love it🤓✨😽
Have a blessed #Saturday
#ootd #coffee #oversized

When your bff is taking pictures of you and shouts stuff at you like "eh eh Taima daaaaarb dalli hek" you gotta laugh🤓 I'm laughing in this pictures I know you can't really tell but whatever🤓
Photo: @mariam.r.a 🖤

🥀I've got no shame🥀

Guess it's time for y'all to see how my face looks like 99% of the time😅 if you guys only knew how much I laugh and how L O U D I get while laughing I'm so embarrassing at times😂
#tuesday #potd #laughing

I may look like the real OG but y'all the escalator started to make such weird noises once I pressed my foot against the glass I swear in that moment I got up and ran in less than a jiffy why am I such a chicken🤓
Happy Saturday doe🤷🏻‍♀️🖤
#potd #saturday #og

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