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Taima🇸🇾🖤  They say anything's possible. You gotta dream like you've never seen obstacles. | D🖤

My lips are the gun, my smile is the trigger, my kisses are the bullets, label me a killer.🔥⚡️

The pictures were taken literally 10 seconds apart and Idk if you can quite tell but there is a difference in the amount of sunshine there is and that’s literally how often the weather shifts in Germany it’s craaazy🙃💃🏻

أصابك عشق أم رُميت بأسهم؟
فما هذه إلا سجيّة مغرم..🖤

Damn I just LOOOOVE looking badass, but ya girl is still a chicken on the inside🐣🐣🖤🖤
#badass #bandana #thursdaymood #xo

She looks like an angel but she might be a demon⚡️
#ayy #innocence #urbanoutfitters

Ever seen a devil with a halo?

Guess who’s BACK🙆🏻😍❤️
I can’t thank anyone of y’all enough for checking in on me and sending me messages asking where I’ve been. It means the world to me😭😭❤️❤️
I just had to get too much done and I barely had time for anything else, but I’m sure I’ll never be gone for such a long period ever again! Back and better😘❤️

It’s snowing outside so I might just bring y’all some warmth with this💞
When I showed this to my mom she told me that my face hasn’t changed one bit ever since I turned 14 and she’s so right I swear I look so underage with minimal make up😂
#kiddo #صوص 🐣

Wearing a baker hat but the only baking I do is underneath my eyes👀
Shoutout to auntie Laura Mercier for diiis🙌🏼
#bakerhat #ootd #redlips 💄

Brought to you by DB

Taima wearing the color that represents her the most #sous 🐣🐣🐥🐥💛💛
Leave chicken emojis down below💛

It’s all pink in the city💞💕💗
#photography #pink #potd

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