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STEPHANIE RICE  Mentor | Speaker | Spiritual Soul Ambassador for Bioglan & Inner Origin ➰ Sharing positivity & living consciously ➰ πŸ“§

Just an absolutely incredible day today ... feeling so blessed to wake up to an amazing sunrise, enjoy the fresh air and welcome a wonderful weekend.
Sending the love right back to you!!


There are a few big things I'm launching in the new few weeks so subscribe to my team to ensure you get all the details.

If you saw my story yesterday and today, you would have seen me make my delicious @bioglan Superfood Slice.
So many of my friends and family ask me for the recipes for this and I ALWAYS wing it ... but because so many people have asked I have decided to link it in my STORY.
So please make sure you swipe up to get it ... and if you read this later on, don't worry, because the recipes is in my e-book "The Art Of Wellness" which is available on my website πŸ€—
Happy Healthy Snacking!!

Reflecting on the weekend just been where I did my first 30mins keynote presentation at the @innerorigin conference.
Can't tell you how nervous I was ... its was like race day nerves all over again (seriously through I had left that all behind) but gosh it was exhilarating.
It meant so much to me to really serve the audience and share some of my unique insights and experience to positively impact the room.
I never wanted to be a "sports speaker" and just talk about my Olympic stories etc, I wanted it to be far more meaningful to the people listening and have actionable points to walk away with.

I was really proud of how it all came together and for stepping outside my comfort zone, trying something scary & new and challenging myself in a different field.
A humbling experience!!

What a fun filled weekend at the @innerorigin GRAND OPENING!!
It was a thrill to be on stage with the other phenomenal ambassadors @theresekerr @kirkpengilly_official @laynebeachley for our interactive panel discussion.

Whilst we spoke about everything relating to health, motivation and mindset ... one of the best questions shared was "how do I encourage my kids to be driven and motivated" ... we replied by saying that we don't allow our kids to fail anymore ... we are rewarding average behaviour and results. So they aren't learning the lessons of adversity and how to come back from upsetting performances.
I couldn't agree more with this statement. No one is going to be driven to improve and succeed by rewarded them with a participation ribbon ... and if you and blessed enough to succeed or win, it's not praised properly, because everyone gets the same ribbon as you. Whilst you never want to discriminate ... we must allow our kids to fail and learn to get back on the horse and try again.

I know from my own experience, seeing my competitors on the podium, when I had to stand off to the side, drove me to want to be up there for myself ... on my own merit.
Failure is such a blessing of you can really look at WHY it happened and uncover the magical lessons of opportunity that they present.


Thanks for all the love on my last post.
I honestly adore being able to share my experiences, insights and knowledge with you guys and I always look forward to reading your comments & replying.
Thank you so much for all the love you share with me 😘

Working the glutes, well trying anyway.
I have NEVER have bum muscles (that work) thanks to being a swimmer. All of my gym trainers throughout the years were always getting me to do extra exercises to strengthen my glutes. Probably why I've never had very good top end speed!!
It's hilarious watching some of my old races back, and seeing how slow my reaction times were. Most people would take 0.6-0.7 seconds once the gun went to move off the blocks ... Ricey on the other hand was STOKED with a 0.9 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was so slow that the commentators would say "ohh no I don't know what's happened to Steph in lane 6, she had a very slow start and was last off the blocks" no no, that's normal!!!
Either way, I never let that effect me... it just made me focus and work extra hard on the things I was good at, like underwater. I may have been last off the blocks and into the water, but I almost always came out at the 15m in front.

Don't allow your weaknesses to dictate your results... always think of ways you can improve, strengthen and overcome them.
In sport, in business and in life!!!

For those who watched my story's the finale of dinner tonight.

I had ZERO energy & motivation to make dinner and highly considered some uber eats, but I put some music on and got stuck into the preparation.

It's literally only took about 30mins to pull it all together and it was SOOO tasty.
Full of protein, nutrients and super nourishing on a cool winters night.

A home cooked meal is always the best ... you know exactly what's in it, far less sodium and I get to use all the beautiful produce from the organic farmers markets.
Now time for some old @nbcchicagopd and couch time πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Afternoon meditation on the grass was so rejuvenating and exactly what I needed.

Make sure you take time for you ... if your tank isn't full you have nothing to give to others.
How pretty is this little rainbow too ... so magical 🌈

Sitting here on this cute little bench drinking my morning GREEN SMOOTHIE with tons of @bioglanau Spirulina ... ohh and a latte πŸ™„ and reading your DM's.

I am absolutely blown away by the amount of messages you guys have sent me over the past few days in regards to the mentoring program.

Thank you so very much for your open and honest replies, it really warms my heart so much hearing everyone's unique stories & challenges and hearing how I can assist.

I will be replying to you all today and picking 3 people ... I wish I could choose more, but when's it's all up and running you can also get involved.

You have just made my day...thank you for your love, support and compassion πŸ’š

FEELZ after today's home workout!! Definitely going to be a bit sore tomorrow + I'm still sore from yesterday workout.

Today was simple:
45 on | 15 off for 30 mins... I took 1 min rest after every 9 rounds.

You don't need fancy equipment or a special program, just get out there and move your body.

ACTION is the most important thing!!!
Stop "considering it" or "planning it" ... just do it.


When you get up and exercise, it flows more positive energy towards better health, so then you eat better, work better and feel better ... it's a snowball.
Are you taking actions towards the future and goals you want?? Sometimes all it takes it changing just one thing, then the whole course changes. Same is true for the opposite ... miss one sessions and it's likely you will not eat as well, be as productive or feel as good.

Be aware of your patterns, habits and rituals and ask yourself honestly "is this helping me get to when I want to be?"

Homemade Pizza!!!
It was absolutely delicious ...especially given I whipped it up in less than 10mins.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard work and take hours to prepare, just do the best you can with what you have and make smart choices.

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