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STEPHANIE RICE  🏊🏽‍♀️ TRIPLE OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST 🏊🏽‍♀️ Mentor | Speaker | Spiritual Soul 🌟sharing positivity and light 📧tessla@stephanierice.com.au


It’s an honour to be apart of this powerful campaign in supporting @cricketaustralia and the Australian Women’s Cricket Team ahead of the Ashes.

Australian women are incredible!
We’ve all had to beat something in our lives and breakthrough limitations, both personal and professional.

For me, I was fortunate enough to make my dreams come true and beat the world record line. So now I’m getting behind the @southernstars to #BeatEngland in the Women’s Ashes series 🏏

I understand that this topic is incredibly important and sensitive to many people.⠀
And I must pre-frame this discussion by outlining that:⠀
1. I have absolutely nothing against Gays & Lesbians, even though the media have written otherwise.⠀
2. The reasons I feel I can share my thoughts on this topic is based on my experiences publicly and the life changing lessons I learnt.⠀
3. I’m aware this post will get media attention and potentially be taken out of context, but I share these thoughts with the intention that we can all embrace this vote with love, grace and respect for all.⠀

Yesterday, at the movies, I saw an ad advocating gay rights. At the end of the add they said “do the right thing, vote YES.”⠀
It made me think, “Does that mean if you vote no your doing the wrong thing?”⠀

I personally would love nothing more than to see my many gay friends have the opportunity to get married, and my vote would be yes. This is because I wish them all the love and happiness in the world.⠀
However I do have an issue with the way that people on both sides of the vote are getting treated, bullied and abused by those that have a differing view than their own.⠀

We all create our beliefs based on our individual life experiences, environment and culture. I can understand how people that believe in specific religions would not be ok with this, as it goes against everything they believe in, which defines who they are as human beings. And vice versa, I can understand how gays believe we should all have the same opportunities and not discriminate based on sexuality. ⠀

Given this campaign is about love & equality, my hope is that we can all try to come from a place of compassion when someones beliefs & views are different from our own.⠀
I would hate to see the vote for equal love rights to be won due to bullying and withholding love for others.⠀
We are all better than that!⠀

And to all who have experienced the verbal hurt online, my heart goes out to you. Just remember that what others say about you, says more about them than it does about you.

For the past couple of months I have been struggling to find complete clarity on my career path. Continually asking, What is my purpose? What is my divine plan? What am I here for?
Whilst I have known general things about what it will involve and what things I really enjoy, the clear picture of what it looks like has been a bit of a mystery.

I found myself getting a bit agitated and anxious that it was taking so long and asking myself “what am I meant to do in the meantime” “will it always been this way” “am I not ready” “I should be working harder” “other people have it together and are more progressed than me”

The stream of negative beliefs and thoughts rose to the surface and emotionally effected me, until I realised that they were coming up for a reason ... so I could address these thoughts head on and unblock what was holding me back.

Contrast is a good thing! It’s an opportunity to move forward and change old patterns, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. I guarantee if you take this perspective next time a struggle/setback comes up, it will help uplift you and ease the hurt dramatically.

I know for a fact that we all have these moments, so go easy on yourself, be kind on your soul and learn to see your life as a journey towards continually being the absolute best version of yourself #worldmentalhealthday
You can’t coach or inspire someone without experiencing those things yourself.

I now know why this “what is my purpose” questions was so tough for me ... because I so desire to help others find their purpose in like and be the best they can be, and to do that, I need to be the best I can be and LIVE ON PURPOSE

This is why I have created my mentoring program - so if you relate to this, definitely check it out in the link in my bio and see if this is something for you ... as I would be truly honoured to work with you!!!

This photo almost always brings me to tears.
This was from my first school swimming carnival and I was so proud to wear my house colours and compete. Holding my 3rd place ribbon so mum could document the moment (even if it is upside down 😂) In primary school I was incredibly shy and didn’t have many friends at all ... swimming was my safe place, my place to build confidence and inner strength. When other girls at school started recognising me and including me due to my swimming success it made me feel so good.

Before, I would reply on other people, external gratifications (like sponsorships & awards) & fame for my own reassurance & fulfilment.
Whilst it seems like athletes have it all together on the outside, sometimes it’s not the case on the inside due to these early memories and the belief system we create.

Since moving on from swimming I realise that no one else can fill me up, but me. I’m the one that needs to do the work and in turn, no one can ever take anything from me ... we all hold the power within!
This is why I believe so many athletes and high achieving individuals struggle when the shinny moment of success passes. We need to teach people to build their worth from within and I guarantee in will shine out into more success.

These past 4 years I have worked on being the best version of myself everyday and continuing to, Be The Best I Can Be. I’ve learnt life changing lessons and tools to build myself up from the inside out.
I was always curious why my path seemed so emotionally tough, but now I know for sure it’s because I needed to experience it for myself so I can be a guide, support & light worker for others. Nothing fills my soul more that contributing to other people’s lives positivity and helping them, Be The Best They Can Be.

Such a beautiful day today ... the perfect weather for a little outdoor balcony workout.
Many people ask me how much I workout nowadays and what kind of exercise I do.
Generally I workout on my balcony, where I have an 8kg kettle bell, skipping rope and 1kg ankle weights. With this very minimal amount of equipment I am able to do a variety of movements that keep me lean and toned.
The goal for me is to mix up the movements continually, so my body is always guessing & targeting a variety of muscles. This, in my opinion, is the most effective way to workout and gets the best results.

I either create my own workout routines & exercises for the day (as I know sooo many different ones from all the years of training) or follow along to some great YouTube sessions if I want to switch off and just follow along.

Typically, I workout 5 days a week for around 25mins in total. Some weeks I could workout 6 days a week, others maybe only 3, it's just depends what I have going on at the time. This is obviously very different to my Olympic protocol of 7hrs a day, 6 days a week, which has taken me time to be ok with.

Some days I do more, like 35-40mins if I go to the gym or maybe only 15mins if I'm travelling or have other things on that are a priority.
The key to lasting success with your workouts is to STAY CONSISTENT and make them WORK FOR YOU!

Don't allow other factors to continually take you away from your health and fitness goals and don't rely on will power & motivation to get you moving ... because that will always come and go.

Find something you love about the exercise you do.
Like the feeling you get when your muscles are tight and shaky, or the feeling of sweating out those toxins, or simply find a form of exercise that is fun and enjoyable for YOU. Don't just follow along to a "plan" because it's what everyone else is doing, do what SERVES YOU.

Just got home from a wonderful evening speaking at the Young Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce.
It's always such a pleasure to share my story with others in the hopes it sparks that light within them to have the courage to go after their dreams & goals and be the best they can be.

Thank you to everyone who came along and waited afterwards to meet me, chat and get photos, I appreciate your patience, love and support.

I'm truly so grateful to have the ability to use my experiences to help others ... fills my soul every time 🙌🏼

I wanted to share with you a little success story so you too can believe in the power of manifesting your desires into your life!

About this time last year I decided I needed to move. I knew I wanted an apartment that felt expansive and open, had a great view, 2 bedrooms, in a good location and at a price I can easily afford.

So I searched online and found about 5 different buildings that I liked the look of. After taking a tour of one of the buildings, and literally looking at the 24 different layouts, I discovered I really wanted 1 particular layout. The lady showed me one and I was like YEP THATS IT!!
However there were none available.
So I let my details invade one became free and stated that I would preferably like one above level 8, so there was a good view & more privacy.
I took an application just in case and filled it all out as if I was moving in. I filled in the apartment number as level 11 (for a great view and it's the angels number) and the allocated room for the layout (not saying this here as I don't want stalkers 😂) During my morning meditations I would visualise myself walking into the apartment, looking out at the view, imagining how I would lay out my furniture and get so excited in the process.

About a week went by and I looking through another 4 buildings, all with the instant feeling "NO, that's not it." So I decided only way home from viewing a different apartment I would just swing into the "dream apartment" and see if they have had anything become available as it was on the way home.

I walked in the office and told the agent that I had looked at apartments and was looking for something available with the specific layout I wanted. He looked at the sheets and said "ohh yes we have just had the one on level 11 become available a few hours ago" ... "I said, I'll take it and here's my application (pre-filled 😊)"
An extra bonus was that it came with 3 weeks free rent ✔️ It was the best feeling knowing my thoughts, desires and visualisations created that. And it's the same way I feel every time I look out at the view, knowing I'm a master manifester and that I'm truely blessed to understand the power of my mind 🔮

Today is #WorldRhinoDay and I'm honoured to support this amazing cause.

It's an absolutely gorgeous coffee book full of incredible photographs, donated by some of the world best wildlife photographers in order to help save 🦏 RHINOS 🦏

100% of the proceeds of this book go directly towards fighting poaching as thousands of Rhinos are brutally slaughtered every year for their horns & it's just disgusting to see what some people will do for money.

I hope that everyone will go to the link in my bio and purchase this book (and watch the video) and help support these Rhino's + it makes a gorgeous addition for your home.

To find out more, look up www.buyrememberingbooks.com
#RememberingRhinos #WorldRhinoDay

Will always feel like home

Love this guy so much 😘
My African Man 🐘

Love this so much!!!!

Gifting daddy with these incredible @lululemonausnz workout clothes on Father's Day so he looks the part on his weekly rides 🚴🏽 My dad is such an inspiration to me. He has always been super fit and regimented. 5 years ago he had sudden open heart surgery and was told he couldn't do anything at full exertion again. Most people would quit and sit on the couch all day, but not my dad. He still rides 3 times a week, walks almost daily, takes my brother to all his mountain biking comps, maintains all the house building projects (he was a builder) and has a positive attitude.

I love you daddy ... you're the a true rockstar in my eyes. Happy belated Father's Day!! As my dad doesn't have Instagram, I'm sure he will be told about this from @mitchriiice or Anne-Louise who have me on all their alerts 😂

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