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STEPHANIE RICE  🥇Olympic Champion ©️Brand Ambassador 🎤Speaker 💻Trader 🌱98% Vegan 📧 🏊🏽‍♀️Swim Squad Program ⬇️

10 years later and the A-TEAM are back together 🥇 I’m certain we all swam harder than ever before because we didn’t want to let the rest of the team down 😂🏊🏽‍♀️ @olympics @ausolympicteam #olympicreunion
Also, check how amazing the cake @thecakethatateparis made is 🎂

As you guys know, we recorded a new show a few weeks ago that aired Sunday night & again last night.
It was so much fun to film and there were so many laughs on set with this crew (as you can see)
I’m so glad you guys liked it & thanks for the wonderful feedback, DM’s and messages... Hopefully we get the green light to go ahead and make some more eppys #disgraceau #pilotweek

Yesterday’s glam for our Beijing Olympic 10 year reunion.
Such an emotional day reconnecting with all the swimmers and reminiscing on the memories, achievements and unforgettable moments that defined us all.
Our Beijing Olympic Swim Team was without a doubt the best team I’ve ever been a part of throughout my 7 year career. There was so much comradary, respect and empathy within the team and the leadership of the coaches and staff was the best I’ve seen.
I’m honoured to have been a part of this team and it’s no surprise why the ‘08 Swim team was so successful, with 6 Gold (all won by women) 5 Silver & 7 Bronze
Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years...reliving these moment and sharing them with you has brought me so much joy 💫

If you missed my stories, I am running a competition to win a private 1-on-1 swim coaching session with me (open to Australia). To enter, you have to of purchased the swimming program before this Sunday evening (19th Aug)
I will be picking the lucky winner on Monday.

Aside from the comp, I know you guys will love these sessions as they are modifications of my Olympic Training regime.
So they are:
▪️mentally stimulating (no boring laps up and down the back line) ▪️effective
▪️make you super fit, super quick

All 3 levels are available now on

Still can’t believe it’s been 10 years since this moment. My 2nd Gold Medal and my 2nd World Record of the meet.

I remember lying in my bed every night for 6 months before the @olympics visualising myself at the meet. Standing behind the blocks, hearing the crowd and preparing myself mentally for this moment.

Olympics is a true test of mental strength and your ability to conquer your own limitations and the pressure of the world!!
Felt frikken awesome to prove to myself, more that anyone else, that I could do it.
This Napoleon Hill quote has always been my mantra:
“Whatever the mind and conceive and believe it can achieve”
Amen to that!! So here’s to celebrating a decades worth of hard word, discipline, unwavering focus and grit.

Home bound after a fun day on set filming a new TV show which will be out in a week. I’ll share more details soon, but for now, time to snooze!!

10 years ago today ... the day my life changed forever. 400IM 🥇 New World Record ⏱ 1st Australian Gold Medal of the Beijing @olympics and the 400th Gold Medal of the Summer Games

Considering I wasn’t allowed to go to the Opening Ceremony as I was racing the very next day (and the ceremony goes till about midnight + lotssss of standing)
I figured I’d share a piccy from the Closing Ceremony where I was given the honour by the @ausolympicteam to carry the Australian flag on behalf of all the athletes that competed in the Beijing Games.
What a honour!!! I still feel so proud of this achievement. I will never forget getting called in the AOC office to meet with John Coates (felt like getting called into the principles office, so naturally I was thinking “what have I don’t wrong” 🤷🏽‍♀️) then he asked me if I would like to carry the flag for the country ... DREAM COME TRUE MOMENT ... I never would have thought something like that would happen to someone like me.

It’s not lost on me how much of a privilege it was, and clearly I took the responsibility very seriously according to my facial expeession in this pic 😂

@olympics #BeijingOlympics @insta.beijing

Tomorrow marks 10 YEARS since the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony 😱 sooo insane!!!
I’ll be spamming HARD the next week, reminiscing on all the good times and life changing moments, especially cause insta wasn’t alive then ... so get ready!! This ones from The Great Wall which I visited with dad a few days after I finished racing...was just incredible to see in person. Hopefully I can see it again one day soon #SunniesAreFrikkenHuge #ThoughtTheyWereTrendy #China #Beijingolympics @insta.beijing @olympics

The @goodamerican campaign is FINALLY HEREEEE!!
I’m so honoured and grateful to have been a part of the @goodamerican Activewear Launch 🏋🏽‍♀️ !!! What a dream come true to be apart of the #goodsquad with so many other inspirational, fit & health women.
Can we talk about how much strength and #girlpower is in this one photo 🔥 !!!
Thank you @khloekardashian & @emmagrede for allowing me to be apart this campaign ... power to you both for empowering women to be confident, strong & sexy in their own skin!!

💫 Pre-Flight Skin Glow 💫
When I travel, I barely EVER wear makeup because I feel like my skin gets so dry and congested. So I always load up on @unichi_wellness Skin Regenerator Moisturiser because it’s so rich, use some brow gel then keep the rest of my skin o’natural. If I’m flying long haul, I’ll bring it with me in my carry on to load up mid flight.
To me, the less products you put on your skin the better...let it B-R-E-A-T-H, plus there something super empowering about keeping it simple and showing off your natural self.

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