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STEPHANIE RICE  Olympic Champion - Mentor - Performance Coach 🥇Magical Mentoring Program available ⬇️ 📧tessla@stephanierice.com.au

Managed to make time for a little selfie snap in between my trips to and from my offices...and when I say offices, I mean between @nododonuts cafe and the dining room table.
Hashtag “gotta get it done somehow” hashtag “one day I’ll buy a cafe so I can make it my official office”😂

Had to repost this remarkable video from @therock because he sums up the many emotions & pressures that come along with SUCCESS.
We all experiences pressure and doubt, but it’s about how you deal with that feeling that determines the quality of your life.
Hope you find this video as valuable as I did.
Much love to you #therock for being such an authentic, humbled & determined rockstar 👊🏽🕺🏽
#success #magicalmentoring

Every injury I had taught me something different.
After my first operation, my coach and I had to create a whole new training schedule. It was tough mentally to not be doing the EXACT workouts that I was doing before the Beijing Olympics, because I knew that worked for me. So in my mind it was “OLD SCHEDULE = SUCCESS” so to now be doing something new and different was scary, but I also had no other option. So I had to have faith in my coach and in the process and learn to be open to new methods.

After the 2nd op (10 weeks before the London 2012 @olympics trials) I had to do absolutely everything I possibly could to be ready to compete in such a short amount of time. That meant training on Sundays (so no days off), doing extra dry land workouts on my own after my team mates went home and icing my shoulder after EVERY session. It was a pain in the arse but there was no way I was leaving any stone unturned or leaving any room to think “what if..” I was fortunate enough to make the team off the back of a very limited preparation and book my ticket to my second Olympics.

After those Games I had my 3rd shoulder operation, which required major down time. Because I was no longer swimming I was nowhere near as diligent with my rehab (hope my physio isn’t reading this)
However I remember spending a lot of time reflecting on WHY this had happened to me. Why did I get these injuries right before big completions when the pressure was on and I needed to perform? Was I trying to create an excuse subconsciously if I wasn’t able to live up to the expectations???
This final op make me realise for certain that everything happens for a reason and that fear of failure can absolutely manifest itself in a physical setback.
Since working through my own mental limitations over the past few years, my shoulder has caused me no further issues and I have learnt to look at those setbacks as a blessing that taught me so much about myself. Without them, I would not be as strong, resilient or determined as I am today 👊🏽

Great start to the weekend, with a little training sesh at my man’s gym @scienceoffitness.
Couples who train together 🤣 #DefinitelyCouldntTrainTogetherOnTheReg #TooCompetitive #ShutUpIKnowWhatImDoing


Gimme 5 years and I’ll have a “SR” on the back of my PP too @tonyrobbins
Ohhh and let’s not forgot a little side bishhh helicopter. @rory_maguire you can buy the 🚁 an I’ll get the ✈️ ... deal?
(PP= Private Plane for those of you who aren’t familiar with the lingo) 😂

Funny story: A few years ago I ask my psychic if I would have a PP (asking all the important life questions) she was like “mmmm 🤔😬😐” Damn girl, don’t go ruining my dreams like that... what do you know 😂 ... I’ll prove her wrong!!

What if life was happening FOR you ... not TO you.

Do you get frustrated at yourself when things don’t work out the way you had planned?
That’s ok, just don’t allow yourself to become a victim to your circumstances.
Don’t you dare say “I’m just not successful like you” or “that’s just my life” or “things like that always happen to me.”
Being a victim gets you nowhere...and to be frank, it’s a punish to be around.

So why don’t you start RESPONDING to life instead of REACTING to it.
We cover this is Step 6 of the Magical Mentoring Program.

If you can learn to view challenges and adversity as an opportunity to grow and learn ... you will always succeed.
In fact, some of my biggest Screw Ups have been the best learning experiences, because without adversity, you would never develop wisdom, and without wisdom, success will be short lived.

I have learnt to look back on those times as the greatest blessings because they have shaped my character, my values and my desire to help others and always be the best I can be.

We all screw up, so stop punishing yourself, you know you are better than that moment of mishap.
Start using those experiences as a gift that’s happening FOR you, not AGAINST you.

If you change your perspective, you can change your life!! #MagicalMentoring #Step6 #UnderstandingFailure

This mornings workout vibes. Felt so good to sweat, move the body and get my energy up for the day ahead.
What do you enjoy about exercise?
For me, it’s the mental clarity, focus and energy hit I get for the day ahead.
I know a lot of people struggle with their weight, fitness and finding motivation for exercise. Most often that’s because you don’t have a goal or reason for doing it that is POSITIVE.
If you are always driven by a negative, like “I need to exercise to lose weight” or “I have to work off my desert from last night” then it’s not exactly uplifting is it? And also not surprising that it doesn’t entice you to stay consistent.

Take the time to create a goal that’s positive, uplifting and excites you to achieve.
If you’re having a hard time trying creating a goal or you feel there is more going on mentally as you have constant weight struggles or sabotage your progress subconsciously, then I definitely encourage you to start the Magical Mentoring Program so you can shift those old, limiting beliefs that are holding you back and start creating success in your life.
That way you will have long term results with your fitness and weight goals 👊🏽 **link on my page 🥇**

Feeling empowered and on top of life today, so sharing some love with you all 💫
Also, if you’re ready to transforming your life then get yo self a copy of the Magical Mentoring Program (in link) and let’s start kicking goals together ⚽️ Stand strong ladies!!! Know you deserve love, glory and inner peace, no matter what your unique life experiences may be. Those experiences make you unique and give you a special power that NO ONE else has ... so use it!
Uplift yourself, instead of tearing yourself down. Feel pride & worthiness within and understand that your life has seasons, just as nature does. Some days are fruitful, some days are tornados ... and some days it’s a mix of them all.
Rejoice and enjoy the summers and go easy of yourself during the winters.

When you let your true sprit shine, you allows others to do the same.
So be the example you wish you had and continue to lift yourself up, instead of belittling your talents, contributions and worthiness ... you are a rockstar...and know you deserve the very best!!!
(Kinda sending that message to men as well 😊) And if you’re a female and haven’t already listened to Oprah’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, then you absolutely need to do that too👊🏽💃🏽🙋🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️
Women Makin’ Waves - like my little sis!!!
(I say that channeling my inner @beyonce “Run the World, Girls”)

I know I’m a little late on this post, thanks so my vomiting virus on Thursday (Happy International Women’s Day to me 😂) but nonetheless, here’s a message I wanted to share.

Going through my photos from Wednesday’s launch event for my collab with @vegiedelights.
😂 #werkingthestand
Check out their page for my FREE 10 vegan recipes 🌱
Also for those asking, this jumpsuit is @misterzimi

Such a dream to partner with @vegiedelights for this collaboration and see all the hard work come to life today 🤗
My 10 vegan, healthy recipes are now available on the @vegiedelights website ➕ they’re FREEE 💰 #winning
My fav it the mango, avocado salad with Thai Chilli Lime Cakes 🤤 so let me know what you think & if you whip up any of the recipes make sure you tag me so I can check it out.

The @vegiedelights products are available at almost all of the big grocery stores, so make sure you check out the “vegan” section next time your there...I personally LOVE how accessible vegan options are now. It makes it so easy!!! Thank you to all the wonderful people who came along today. I’m feeling incredibly grateful for this opportunity and honoured to be the face of this wonderful brand 🙌🏼☺️

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