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Follow @bylania !!  I THOUGHT MY ACCOUNT GOT HACKED THREE YEARS AGO. I never thought signing back in would be possible!!! Follow me now, here: @BYLANIA #ItsAllGod 🙏🏾🙌🏾

YOU GUYS IM HERE AND I NEVER LEFT!!! To see the WHOLE story, go to my actual Instagram HERE: @bylania
. @bylania
. @bylania . @bylania
I never thought that there would be a day that I would shout my own self out... God. Is. GREAT!!! #IM #SO #THANKFUL. #SO #BLESSED. #GOD #IS #SO #GOOD!!!!!!!!! #AMAZING!!!!! Thank you TO EVERYONE WHO Has stuck with this account--that has even missed this account! Who have commented, who have not unfollowed. Who stayed. Who always supported. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you!!!!

Just sketchin around....;)

Bro night! Love, @jessicaabrianne


(This looks way better in person.) Okay, so this was pretty much my very first painting dealing with skin tones! I wanted to make it fun, so I incorporated another piece into this that inspired me to put all of the circles in her hair. So just for fun! Btw, this is something that I did at #GSA2013 I hope you guys like it! #oilpaint

I'm not even close to finished, but this is going to be my reflection on a spoon! Im using graphite pencils and Qtips for shading:)

IM BACKKKK! Owl sketch that I made etchings of while at GSA! (Governor School For the Arts) -
I literally had the best time of my life while I was there. Even though it may be saddening that its over now...I'm happy it happened. :)

I'm SUPER sorry I haven't been able to post lately. At this INTENSE art program called #GSA2013. I will post when I can! It only lasts one more week.

#NoFilter This is especially for @karla_cxx! I did this or her and for Turrets Syndrome Awareness Month (which was in may. I'm late. Lol) TSs' color is #TEAL, so I drew this:) I hope you like it Karla!!! (Was originally inspired by at drawing by me and by @glennarthurart)

Are you reading the book, or is the book reading you?.... Think about it. (Hehe☺😝✨) #itsslaniaeye

A cartoon character I drew of myself (without looking in the mirror!) as I am trying to make a mini comic book XD!

#NoFilter Excited to finish this! I will post the finished piece tomorrow. This is for a very special person:) #teal #ItsslaniaEye

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