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seryna depop @itsseryna

I should blur out the bobba unless hulucat is gonna start sponsoring me :/ β €
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About to challenge you to a Russian dance off πŸƒπŸ» Set from @fashionnova

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Happy Friday πŸ’“

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Can I get uhhhhh boneless waffleΒΏ

How many more trims until all my bleached hair is gone? Zzzzz

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Is that a chicken 😍?

*Got spoiler ahead* I need a moment to reflect on the fact that Fe just told me Dany, Jon and Tyrion's mothers all died during their births. Just maybe, the Tyrion=Targaryen theory might not be that far fetched (in consideration with Tyrion calming down the dragons in s6 and one letting him touch them LIKE DROGON LET JON).

Washing my hair 🚿

Grand Budapest tshirt by @thecinegogue πŸ’–

Think there's a correlation between my increasing age and the difficulty of taking selfies πŸ“˜

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Is it ethically wrong to follow @hotdudesreading? Asking for a friend.
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