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itsseryna itsseryna

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seryna  itsseryna@gmail.com auckland depop @itsseryna

Sometimes I forget my tweets don’t translate well to insta bc I’m more of a dickhead on twitter (⺣◡⺣)♡*

From this morn

Spilt water and smashed glass 🍷

Google photos app is pretty cool for doing this for me thanks thanks

My lowest point on the internet so far has been getting screenshotted and made fun of by a chick who had an edgy pic of herself in a bath of spaghetti on her insta feed

Pure bodysuit from @ozcult 👾🔮🌸💜🚺

Ladies...would you let your man leave the house dressed like this?

From now on, men leaving annoying as gross as comments will be charged a $50 inconvenience fee
Skirt from @revolve @loversfriendsla

I heard shake it by metro station at the mall and from the point on, my day spiralled downwards. I’m recovering well though. Thank you for thoughts and prayers.
Bikini from @ivyswimwear

Here on a Sunday tho

Happy international women’s day to everyone except the girl sitting next to me on the shuttle bus rn and gripping onto the digital announcement screen in front of us for stability and making me anxious 🤠🦋

Not the hero that was needed, nor deserved, nor asked for- wait who fucking called on this guy

Dang this b ever heard of a blotting sheet?

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