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Where is the coolest place you've ever hiked?
AZ has certainly won hottest hike from me hahah 🌵🔥
Bonus new Lara Croft things for your morning ( cosplay made, modled and photographed by @itsrainingne0n (me))

HOLY SHIT IM SHOCKED I EVEN PLACED! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! I'm friggin stoked ! We'll twitch stream Agony as soon as we can!

LAST WEEK to get access to the May exclusive Patreon stream, Wallpaper bundles, Zatanna cosplay shoot, Exclusive Brigitte pin up, more Agony behind the scenes, oc shoots & short videos!!!
Once May is gone these sets will be gone for good! Link is in the page banner, and also defending Hyrule

My behind the scenes album for how I built this set in 4 days made imgur front page!!!! (link also in my story post)
This final image is my entry peice for the Agony Art contest. I've been awaiting this game for YEARS I'm so excited to see it launch!
(Photography, costumes, makeup and sets by me @ItsRainingNe0n )
(And special thank you to @cassaraptorcreations & @n000dleknight for helping foam the base structure of the set in record time)

Was sewing each hair in the hair line in by hand worth it? I dunno but I'm happy with how it turned out what do you think? This is a cosplay shot from the exclusive Brigitte Pin up set i'm dropping over on Patreon this month only! Link in bio if your interested in checking it out other wise, are you a book? cus I'm checking you out~ OOOOoooooo !!
(Cosplay made, modeled, and photographed by me @ItsRainingNe0n )

" Heart, don't fail me now! 
Courage, don't desert me! 
Don't turn back now that we're here~ "
What is your favorite Anastasia song?! Cosplay made, modeled, and shot by @ItsRainingNe0n (me))

IT'S THE LAST WEEK to get access to the April exclusive Patreon stream, cosplay, pin ups, and oc shoots & short videos!!!
Once it's gone these bonus April Foolin around sets will be gone for good! Link is in the discription, and also in Hyrule

I am actually really proud of the makeup transformation I did for this back in January, I really want to push myself to get even better at transformation makeup. What's a skill you've always wanted to learn? (Cosplay made, modeled and photographed by @ItsRainingNe0n )

Come join us on patreon for April Foolin Around this month only with multiple silly sexy pin up sets, cosplay, videos and more all month long! Or nah which is fine as hell too, just like you all ;D eyyy how you doin ?

Throwin some new Lara Croft in the mix here as I head off on my morning run, what's your favorite workout/ fitness regimen?
In before fit-n' dis whole pizza in my belly, which let's be real is the best kind.

SUPER WEENIE-HUT GENERAL?! long awaited. And massively requested through the years. I'm bringing back Foodiour this month for April Foolin around on Patreon, WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE FOOD PUN?!

Layin ya down by the fire as Artorias for this month's April Foolin Around Patreon Pin ups!!! I'm doing a whole month of silly sexy exclusive pin up shoots n videos at !

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