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Can you guys please give me shout outs for my new account please!!!!! @itsnohrayyy @itsnohrayyy @itsnohrayyy @itsnohrayyy

Follow @itsnohrayyy its my new account PLEASEE!

HEYY! Read this please. Okay well I'm thinking bout starting a new instagram. I have wayyyy to many photos. But the only bad thing is that I'm going to lose all my followers so I was wonderin if you guys would follow my new one if I started it up.

That akward moment when you finally except that y'all will never talk again, and then right when you except it he texts you and says something sweet <3

FullName- Nohri Faith Andrews CurrentCrush-Caleb M. Addiction-Takingg pictures HowTallAmI? 5'6 RelationshipStatus-Single CurrentMood-Sad,Happy,Confused,Hurt FavoriteColor-Would have to be between purple,Camo,red,and black Confession-I fall for boys wayy to easily. I need some help. Ima stay single until I find that mister right. Someone who has seen me cry-Haley Small,Caitlyn York,Mason Thoelke,Allison Pippinger,Lauren Fulmer Friend I've known the longest-Khloe Shuffield :)

30Likes-I'll answer :)

Ahhhh I can't wait! This partttayy gonna be poppinnn' :)

He's the best brotherr out there :) @ashleybarham

Dear Mom, Your the best mom ever. Yes youve made mistakes but I still love you with my whole heart. Yours Truely, Nohri (:

Best day ever :) I love you so much mom! it was great seeing youu <3

That akward moment when the one you love sleeps with the one you trust </3

Can everyone do me a huge favor and follow my sexy bestfrienndd @nastynate8 for me! It'll make my day! 👌 GO! GO! GO! @nastynate8 @nastynate8 @nastynate8

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