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Palmdale Hair Vivids Balayage  🌈Vivids☀️Balayage✨Extensions 🖤@bellamihairpro Ambassador 💁🏻‍♀️BarBar Brand Ambassador 🦄 @theunicorntribe 🤘🏼😎 @disdressed2kill 📲text for appt

Balayage // Beaded weft Extensions ❤️ @bellamihair @bellamihairpro

If this isn’t mermaid hair... then I dont know what is 😍💙 @pulpriothair @brazilianbondbuilder

Beaded weft Extensions ✨ @bellamihairpro

You already know I used @pulpriothair & @brazilianbondbuilder for this creation 😍 what do you think I should call this one!? ❤️

C L 🍊S E U P 👀

B&A beaded weft Extensions ✨
@bellamihairpro @bellamihair

🌈 This shot was taken indoors with a ring light 💡 I love how natural light and ring lights capture the colors so differently 😍🌈 What is your preference.. indoor or outdoor lighting? ✨

B U B B L E G U M B A B E 💗 .
@matrix @brazilianbondbuilder

SWIPE👉🏼 to see the before pictures

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