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Nancy Au  PHL | BOS - oyster enthusiast Boston College '15

Can’t wine about this work day #chardonyay

my eyebrow hairs might be longer than my eyelashes #eyespywithmylittleeye #dididoitright

when someone says Fri-YAY instead of Friday #frinallyfriyay

Here’s my grandma because thistle brighten up your Thursday #servingnuggetgrandmarealness

I see London, I see France, the French population is probably celebrating the World Cup win in their underpants #lesboxersoulesbriefs

AU-en Gate Bridge (Gold = AU on periodic table = my last I the only one cracking up?? okay yup just me)

Told my parents “So, no Ma I didn’t drink too much wine today” 😏

I know we just met but I think we can be San Fran’ds #unBAYlievable

Hey Sixers, don’t forget to tell Lebron we have Chickie’s & Pete’s today...and also that we’re prolly going to the NBA Finals next year 😛 #trusttheprocess UPDATE: They forgot to tell him so let’s try Kawhi

Mondays can escargot away amirite? It’s been a couple weeks since Paris but this ‘gram arrived at a snail’s pace 🤷🏻‍♀️

the best ships are friendships unless you are Drake and Rihanna because they don’t talk anymore but that’s okay Drake just had a Degrassi reunion and newfound son and Riri is Riri so everything’s still smooth sailing #runonsentence

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