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Michael Murphy  20 | peter parker without the whole super hero thing. (🔻 watch some of my films below 🔻)

#ad What kind of connection could an Extra Chewy Mint bring? Probably a pretty dope friendship and some amazing cinematography. @ExtraGum #giveextragetextra

I feel like we all have a truth hiding inside of us. Reveal it. Chase it. Pursue what you love and never hold back. Deciding to be a film maker was one of the best decisions I ever made. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't go for it. @13reasonswhy, @netflix 📷: @sirjakethomas #ad

don’t let Luke take pics of you. he bullies the whole time.

1 year later

Coachella was fun

Wore my D.A.R.E shirt to Coachella. Also I know, same pants as my last post. It’s been a week.

my cool pants

last night at ready player one

idk they were like “try looking more like a model” 📸:@glamron 👔:@stylebydg

my hair. is too. long. actually.

me but with a cat

in my friends hoodie 📷: @wowmicreative