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Micayla Kay  model. writer. traveler. leo. πŸ•‰ got the dance moves & jokes of a dad at a barbecue. LA, but I get around. Currently: πŸ“Philly, PA

I wasn't sure what to do with my time in Sacramento today, so @itslin_32 and I decided to play a game: he would send me an address, and I would go to it without looking up what it was, and spend my day there. I wound up at the #CrockerArtMuseum, engulfed in rooms and hallways of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and brightly painted walls.
I danced around with a little girl in a cat-themed interactive art exhibit, and watched a screen of interchanging versions of Frida Khalo while laying on a couch with bright flowers and birds on it.
I walked my beat-up combat boots up old Victorian staircases, at least seven times on accident because I kept getting lost.
I think this is a game I'm gonna have to start getting down with more often. I never would have brought myself here otherwise, and I forgot how much art museums make me feel so tiny and inspired all at the same time.
#mymusetracks #artmuseum #exploresacramento #norcal #travelblogger #wanderlust

popped my ass into @honeycomb_suite today because if i didn't, i would have spent all day looking like a sheepdog. book with my beauty girl at her new salon suite, because supporting small businesses is the bee's knees (get it? honeycomb? bees? eh? eh?) plus you'll look bombbbb πŸ’£ #honeycombsuite #goodhairday #mydayinLA #travelblogger #selfiequeen #loveyourself

i've been growin, babe πŸ’‹#goodnight

I miss the old you. The one that held me down and kinda told the truth / πŸ“Έ @cironephotosucks πŸ’†πŸ’„@taytayzalig #photoshoot #lamodel #travelblogger #naturallight #dtla #studioshoot

after today's 5am wakeup call, the feels have never been stronger. don't you worry, two cups of cold brew and i'm back to the wide-eyed maniacal jittery freak that everyone knows and is annoyed by πŸ˜‡ #coffeequeen #earlymornings #filmphotography #photo #dtla #travel
#film πŸ“Έ @cironephotosucks

in and out of hotel rooms these days. you know ya girl always travels with incense tho so they stay homey πŸ’¨ | @notandrewschwartz #filmphotography #dtla #travelgram

Coming back to NYC is like running into your first love on the street unexpectedly. I was reminded of coffee at 4am, of feeling so small amidst the sea of skyscrapers, of cigarettes smoked outside dive bars, the smoke patterns dancing against buzzing neon lights, of being lulled to sleep by the sound of blaring car horns, of the romanticism I find in fire escapes. I may have toyed with the idea of moving back here a little too long, but you know I love LA too much to do that. But I thought about it.

It's hardly my fault that my body's got you mesmerized. Don't blame me that your hands have found a home around my waist. But I am responsible for that kiss I planted on your mouth. I'll take credit for that πŸ’‹ #filmphotography
#lamodel #poetry #dtla #film #hmua #mood
πŸ“Έ @cironephotosucks πŸ’†πŸ’„@taytayzalig

#mood β˜• good morning, kids. i'm finishing up a couple more days of this wonderful job before I get to kick my little feet up in NYC for the 4th of July. It's been too long since I've reunited with that filthy, amazing place and thinking of my list of things I'm gonna have to do has me thinking I need more coffee, so bottoms up. Please, everyone, lets make a conscious decision to stay safe for the holiday. Drinking and driving has never been cute, and lighting firecrackers out ya ass has never been impressive πŸ™…

Amidst the range of topics we spiral into for hours over coffee with my favorite girl today, we got to talking about love and how silly it is for it to carry so much fear with it. Why do we hesitate telling someone "I love you" for the first time? Why do we freak out when we hear it spoken to us? Why does it come with this connotation of owing something in return? I encourage you to remove that barrier, to stop stifling the purity and power of your ability of love. I have said it for months and I still believe it, the only thing that matters in this world is how much you love. When I say "I love you", I am not saying you have to spend the rest of your life with me. I am not saying you owe me something. I am not saying I'm leaving if you don't say it back. I am not saying you need to give yourself to me, that I want to put restrictions on you, or that I'm so obsessed with you I will die without you from this moment on. I loved myself before I loved anyone else. I am already fulfilled. When I say "I love you", I am saying I have found a beautiful, almost unexplainable appreciation and respect for you. I am saying that I have found in you something that the world needs more of, that you have dramatically changed my life for the better in one way or another and I am grateful for that. I am saying I trust you, that despite all your messy parts, I still see you in a beautiful light, as if they weren't there. I'm saying that even with evidence that you are not perfect, I still see you as such. I am saying that wherever our souls go, I will be rooting for you. If I loved you once, I love you always. And that, my friends, is not something to be afraid of, that is something to make you walk lighter on your feet. So let's stop being afraid to say I love you, and stop being afraid to hear it. Love is the greatest thing you can give, and the greatest thing you can receive. ❀ #coffeedate #coffeetalk #poweroflove #iloveyou #vibrationalmedicine

I ain't no party girl. The words "after party" usually send me into a panic. I generally can't make it past 2am. I don't get wasted, I just get tired. The smell of cigarette smoke makes me nauseas. I don't know how to gamble, in fact it intimidates the hell out of me. You'd think I would hate Vegas, but I love it. I love that walking along the strip is like some big ass fancy museum, full of reds and golds and gigantic fountains and sculptures and intricately decorated ceilings. I love Vegas brunches, drinking coffee and mimosas in the early afternoons in restaurants that I never am dressed correctly for, or so it feels. I love strolling through resorts that make me feel fancy as hell. I love that laying by the pool always feels like some Kanye music video. I love that inside the casinos, you can't really tell what time of day it is. I love being amidst so much life, and art, and flashy shit. I don't know anyone else that would describe this place like that, but here we are. That being said, cheers to a lovely little weekend of pools and brunches and taking selfies in cool mirrors. #vegasbaby

#lifegoals: travel to a place where i can jump out of the window of my little on-the-water resort and into the ocean. go scuba diving for the first time. play with the fish like some disney princess. drink coffee, GOOD coffee, in a place where i don't speak the language. buy coffee there and bring it home, make two cups of it in the mornings and drink it on the porch with him. get a pet snake to be milo's best friend...i'll figure it out. cover one wall in my home completely with postcards, written to the man i fell in love with on all the adventures he wasn't able to come with me on, but that he never left my mind during. only use locally-made soaps from different places. be able to taste the difference between a pinot noir and a cabernet. go on a yoga retreat. see the northern lights. feel as tiny as possible, as much as possible. plan and host an annual dinner party. get a camera and learn how to use it so i can document all the little moments along the way. but even if i can't do that last one, i'm fine with having a hell of a movie of memories to play in my mind at the end of the day. we'll see where it goes. πŸ“½
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