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Micayla Kay  🌲Colorado grown, LA living🌴 πŸ•‰ guided by spirit writer. globe trotter. coffee dranker. Currently: πŸ“Philadelphia, PA


I'm telling you guys, SEPTEMBER IN NEW YORK IS MY FAVORITE THING. πŸƒπŸπŸ‚β˜• I woke up in Brooklyn, took a morning stroll kicking the fallen leaves to get a maple clove latte at a local coffee house, then had life chats with Jr Gong on the fire escape, soaking up the sun, surrounded by crystals. What they say is true, being back with your first love is one of the most intense feelings, and New York, you were definitely my first love. And I am still desperately, hopelessly, purely and magnificently head over heels in love with you.

I was such a lazy asshole this morning that when my alarm went off, I ACTUALLY WENT TO GO CHANGE MY FLIGHT TO A LATER TIME SO I WOULDN'T HAVE TO GET UP. Like who does that?
Thankfully my subconscious was like "bish just get up", and I schlepped my way through the airport, landed in NYC, opened the uber app, literally typed "coffee" into my ending destination (lol help) and here I am, in some random adorable Australian coffee shop working away on #mymusetracks over my second cappuccino.
Im not sure where I'm gonna go from here but this coffee shop is dope enough to hold my luggage for me in their office. I even changed into a dress in the bathroom because coffee inspires me to be a real girl, apparently.
You know how I say sometimes I look around and wonder how I got here? It's probably because Im basically blacked out in some fog until I find espresso. I cracked the code.

if we were wild, I'd be naked // for @lost_heart_creative shot by @adaezotron5000

when the "cold seasons" are approaching but that doesn't mean your outdoorsy adventures have to end cuz you live on da best coast half the time πŸ–• rill stoked that perfect desert season is approaching. a lot of things suck but Sunday mornings in the desert do not. 🌡 lil peep at some outtakes from our shoot for @nakid_magazine shot by @vladimirneri

I never liked talking about this day, but this year it means even more to me than it has in the past.
On this day 16 years ago, I was a 4th grader being pulled out of class and asked if my mommy went to work this morning. And I answered yes. As teachers and school staff kept me away from TVs and urged me to try to get mommy on the phone, nobody told me what was going on. And when I finally got her on the phone, and she told me she wasn't going to work that day, all that meant to me in the moment was that I didn't have to take the bus home. And I didn't really know why I got to leave school early while everyone else had to stay. I went home, and she was freaking out a little, crying a little. And she told me she wasn't going to have to go back to work for a few more days. And I was stoked. That meant more mornings eating breakfast with her before she drove me to school, and less afternoons I would have to take the bus home.
Some kids werent so lucky. Some kid's mothers and fathers went to work that morning or the night before, never to come home again. Now, 16 years later, I worked a flight into Washington DC and thought about how 16 years ago, a girl in my very position was headed to her fate. As we were deplaning today, a passenger took the time to say "Thank you for keeping us safe today," and, although we had no threats onboard, it struck me.
We are so much more than just flying waitresses. We are safety professionals, trained to put your life before ours. And not only be calm during chaos, but face it and HANDLE it.
Sitting in historic Alexandria, VA outside of DC today, I listened to my flying partner's story of her experience. How she was working a flight out of Pittsburgh, and was told they had to evacuate, they were in danger, they were under attack. So many tiny details and thousands of personal stories could just shake you.
My heart is with each brave soul that had to endure this day, experience the horror, and werent able to go home to their families. This day will always be close to home, and as painful as it is, I'm glad I will never, ever, not even a little bit, forget a single detail.
#neverforget #911

First time in Boston ever yesterday. Everyone's always raving about it, so I figured I better go explore. I knew NOTHING about the place, but I was told to "go to the North End and get pastries." Well I went to the North End and decided I didn't want any pastries yet, so I walked around for awhile and figured I'd stop somewhere to watch some Sunday football and have a beer, alone. I stumbled across this divey-looking spot with loud music and a bunch of TVs. I found a chair at a table by myself, and chatted briefly with the bartender whose first words to me were "You're not from around here, are you?"
She proceeded to write me a list of all the things I needed to see, raving about how she was about to send me on the best tour of Boston. I made sure to tell her I didnt want to do anything touristy. I hate crowds and lines. I wanted to see the reasons people love living here.
When I got up to plug my phone into the wall, a group of locals behind me commented how they like my style, and within minutes I had relocated to their table. They explained to me that this bar is like the Cheers bar of the area, and everyone knew everyone, and they were all super friendly. A man walked up, placed this balloon in my hand, and walked off. I just saw IT a few nights ago and loved it, which struck up conversations of demons and movies and the paranormal and then we were taking Jameson shots and the table kept filling up with Bud Light bottles.
By the end of the night, I had run around this whole city with my new friends, who graciously took me under their lil local wings and brought me to karaoke bars, local markets where I bought way too much crap, hole-in-the-wall food spots, beautiful streets, and finally, a pastry shop that wasn't all touristed up.
Boston, you are so cool. And to all my new friends, thanks for the best of nights.
I wish I could remember what the hell I did with this balloon though.

It's 7am somewhere β˜• last night was the kind of adventurous, crazy, random night you only see in music videos. I easily walked about 50 streets and 20 avenues, climbing statues and staring at the tops of skyscrapers as I walked till I damn near got vertigo (that whole "feeling tiny" thing, man. I live for it.) I stopped into a fluorescently lit deli in Columbus Circle for New York cheesecake at 3am. I walked past a couple of my old jobs; some fond memories, others not so fond. I was overcome with nostalgia walking through my old neighborhood. I spun in circles with my arms out and marveled in the beauty of this old, filthy city. Then I crashed out real hard at about 4am, only to wake up for a bomb ass ginger latte at Joe & The Juice. And that was it. It was just perfect enough, right there, and I didn't want anything to spoil my magic little 15 hours. So off I went...back to the airport, and I flew away. I can make perfect little memories in you forever, NYC. πŸ—½ #coffeequeen #mymusetracks #travelblogger #travelgram #nyc

its no secret that I love to talk about attracting energies, operating on high frequencies, and higher powers. there's those that get excited about it with me, and we can spiral into conversations that eventually blow both of our minds and make us all giddy and thrilled about the world, and then there's those that look at me like I have my head in the clouds, and tell me "if i cant see it, I dont believe it" (cuz fuck having faith in something, right?) or "you're seriously telling me a rock has powers? dont you realize you sound crazy?" or, my favorite, "that's all a bunch of bullshit." (even though you learned about energy, power, and frequency in your high school physics class, but I'll just digress there.) I can't even get mad. I don't even get passionate about trying to convince you otherwise. there you are, sitting in your snore of a life, thinking this is all there is, limiting the hell outta yourself, secretly frustrated with your income and love life and job and body. meanwhile Im over here, tallying all the things that amaze me every day, living out days I used to merely dream about, writing about how once again everything fell into place better than i saw coming. so you keep pondering on why another relationship just fell apart and why your mondays suck so bad, I'll be over here swimming around in my pool of bullshit with my rocks with the magic powers. just remember, the water's great, and you're invited anytime. just drop that ego πŸ˜‰

It's weird to think that a few months ago, I was struggling with such crippling anxiety that I couldnt eat or leave my apartment for days. So many changes were taking place, none of which I felt ready for. I was terrified of my future. I was so happy with the present, I was sure AS SHIT all the changes were going to make me extremely unhappy. Eventually I had to let go, surrender to the universe, and have faith, or else I was gonna fricken die. Fast forward to now, and so many times lately I have stared at my surroundings, realizing its all so much better than anything in the past. I still have everything I ever wanted, and more. People love to roll their eyes when I talk about having faith in the universe and attracting energies, and that's fine, but doing just that has saved my life and given me one that has me waking up every day blissed the fuck out that I get to be me. That's not being conceited, that's being grateful. SIDE NOTE, among all the other things I'm in love with, my new hair is ranking pretty damn high. My color and extensions are complete #hairgoals thanks to @hairbyzaleyrae, the best hairstylist and girlfran in all the land. It took us a full day, including tacos and fender benders and boy talk, and it was all so worth it. Have a safe and happy weekend yall, I hope you create a magical one 😘

because all these outtakes from my desert shoot for @nakid_magazine keep poppin up 🌡 also, I'm headed back to LA today after 2 weeks and WHY DO MY EYES WELL UP WITH HAPPY TEARS EVERY TIME THIS HAPPENS. #desertqueen #nakidmag #model #published #travelgram #mymusetracks #losangeles #travelblogger

so my best friend in the whole wide world got married in the most beautiful place in the whole wide world yesterday. I'll be writing lots about it, just as soon as I come down from this high. till then, here's a picture that I had to climb the moving chair lift in heels to get. heights are fun. #adrenalinejunkie #colorado #coppermountain #weddingseason #ReadySetReis

woke up this morning like πŸ™Œ photo by @vladimirneri for @nakid_magazine | now excuse me while I go have the most exciting weekend of my life as my best friend gets married. love stories are my shit, and the perfect one is happening right in front of me to my person, and the butterflies just won't stop.

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