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Peyton Wright  feet on the ground, heart in heaven

A week ago Kiara dared us to drop out of college to move to tn. Thought I could handle waking up without 6 of my best friends blending smoothies and reading Truth and singing Happiness. I was wrong. Take me back to sweet home cabin 6 and the best girlies I know.

6:36 am is my new favorite time of day. Also I think I will respectfully decline the invitation to leave east tn.

It's taken me almost a week of being 20 to be able to process all the love God gave me on my birthday. Tbh still a little (a lot) overwhelmed. Here's to another year of bringing mugs of coffee to see the sunrise, boujee bowling, and worship filled sunset drives with my people. 1 week in and I feel like it's gonna be a good year.

Oh Abigail. Happy sixteenth my sweet friend! Y'all, to know this girl is to love her deeply. She's got a smile that lights up a room and a heart to match. God gave me one little sis already but He gave me another through you. I've gotten to love you for four years and let me tell ya, my life is better because it. Who would have thought when Jake made me lead the sixth grade cabin he was giving me one of the best gifts I could have ever received?! You love deep and run after the Lord hard. You make 5 am yoga worth it. You make kale salad and dairy free ice cream my favorite foods. H16BD Abigail, you deserve to be celebrated in a big way 🎉

Found some thrift stores and a gf bakery so Pigeon Forge became 17x better today

Thankful for a day where I get to celebrate both my momma and my daddy. They taught me how to serve, how to laugh, how to love, and that this life is about way more than just me. Praying every day I become more like the both of y'all (also throw back to the glory days of being an only child) (jk my siblings are the coolest people I know)

Tonight THIRTY EIGHT(!!!) kids got to hear they are loved unconditionally by our perfect God. Thirty eight high schoolers heard they are prayed over and delighted in. And then we got to celebrate the two seniors who stuck it out when only three kids would show up and yet they still fought hard and ultimately paved the way to tonight. This is a God dream.

Wouldn't wanna love Jesus and eat brunch and do YL with any other people. Y'all make life fun

Went to Nashville to celebrate his 21st birthday, first thing he does is asks to buy me flowers. He has a heart of gold people!! You're an easy one to celebrate, David, and not just because you took me to a flower truck and didn't make me city drive. Happy birthday Edwards, I think you're pretty cool

Double post bc it's my LITTLE BROS BIRTHDAY!!! JT, I was given the best gift ever 17 years ago. You're my favorite person to go to concerts, talk about our passions, make cool tshirts, and do crazy things with. It's a privilege to be called your big sister. When I grow up I wanna be like you, but until then I'm more than okay with calling you my best friend aka the coolest kid I know. I hope your birthday was as rad as you are ❤️

"Don't get stuck getting ready. Go. Draw a one-hundred-foot circle around yourself and go love everybody inside it. Figure out what you're passionate about, what you're good at, and what will outlast you and then do a ton of that. Practice being ready to be used by God and the people around you." - @sweetmariagoff
Thank You, Jesus, for creating people like the Goff's who will put words like this on pages for people like me to read. The ways You do ministry and use us leave me in awe. Thank You for giving us a little piece of the action here on Earth.

*insert cute quote from Love Lives Here without sounding overly sappy*

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