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Julie Wilson 

I got ma stitches out!

That time @meowmistidawn did my hair and makeup for a night out in Vegas.

Taking care of Einstein. ❤️❤️❤️

Rough 24 hours after we picked Ein up after his surgery. He could barely walk and we were unable to pick him up. Justin and I had to wrap him in a blanket and hoist him up like a horse. Once we got home we placed him down on the bed and he didn't move until the morning. He wasn't interested in food until the wonderful @stahlyo brought over some chicken for him. Thankfully by this morning he was feeling much better. Since he wouldn't use a pee pad we wrapped him up in his bed and brought him downstairs. I took all of his wrappings off and now he's walking around a bit. And what you can see isn't the only incision! There's more on his belly! He's such a tough dog. ❤️

Ready to shed off the work week with some yoga!
#yoga #yogaworks #yogapractice #yogaworksweho #yinyangyoga

Ein had the best day. We love @socalcorgibeachday!! #corgibeachday #corgi

Straight to the ocean!

I had a piece of #HallandOates cake today at work today, making me a literal #maneater.

My everything. #NationalPuppyDay #kale

Wonderful dinner at the #SchindlerHouse with @lafoodshop to end the weekend.

At yoga because my life is 💩right now, but at least I can work on making my ass look better.
It's fine, life's fine, I'm fine, I'm just hgtrdfdfdf.

The punk rock boys of @_muchbetter! #GoodNews

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