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MATT LUCAS 🇮🇪  Music Producer (MaLuca) | Math Student BULK POWDERS® Athlete MATT25 for discount Team Nocco GDANSK VLOG #1👇


Sweet new kit from @noccoireland 🔥 hit up a solid push session today, despite fighting with a cold.

Who wants me to run another NOCCO giveaway ? 🤔 got a great response last time. No surprise though, the drinks are unreal. If we can get 50 #MLFam comments I'll do the giveaway!

I'll also pick 1 commenter 😎to send my Legs/Push/Pull programs.

#nocco #MLFam

Hope everyone's had a great week! 💪Unfortunately I've caught the 'back to school cold'. 😷 Classic. I always say, if you're sick, you can still train if it's from your neck up. If its from the neck down, take a break.

Still, looking forward to a productive weekend ahead.🔥What's everyone upto?

Watch by @tayroc
MATTLUCAS10 for discount.

#Tayroc #MLFam

I want to start helping you guys out a little more regularly w/ bodybuilding. So this will be my first 'Top Tip Tuesday'. 😉 So catchy I know, just came up with it.

So you want big arms? So do I 😅 Have you trained biceps 21 times this week? Why don't your arms look hella thick yet?

Realise that your arm is more than just biceps.😂 There's a whole other larger chunk called your tricep which needs some love too. 🤔and looking at the picture, you can clearly see that delts/shoulders play a big role too.

Curls are great! Don't get me wrong. 💪Loads of curls will grow your arms. But hitting your bicep with a mix of cable/dumbbell & barbell exercises & from various angles will benefit you more. Same goes for triceps & shoulders.

Last tip. Train for a couple of years consistently. 👍 can't build big guns overnight.

#TopTipTuesday #MLFam

The new releases from @transpire.clo are straight 🔥 Definitely a brand to watch. They've got the style & fit on point with everything.

Use MATT10 for a discount off non-sale items. Had a lot of questions about sizing too. I wear medium in everything.

#transpire #aesthetics

Weekend vibes with @noccoireland

Very productive past few days. Consistently drinking a can of this every day too. Coincidence? 🤔I think not.


Just uploaded the first vlog from my trip to Gdansk, Poland the other week. 🔥 Definitely worth a watch. Great banter & Some serious scenes.

I wana say thank you to everyone for the support over the last few months! 🙏I definitely wouldn't be where I am without you guys supporting me 👊 Truly appreciate the #MLFam

Link to the new vlog is in my bio.

#MLFam #vibes

Oddly enough I'm looking forward to winter. 🤔Nothing like crisp cold dry days in Ireland.👌Time to whip out the boots.

Working on finding that university/gym/social life balance again. 📚💪🍻Those who say you can't do everything obviously never try hard enough.

Watch by @tayroc
MATTLUCAS10 for discount


Movin about via aesthetic photo locations.😎 That's how we roll 📸@patrykbalecki

Really feels good getting back into a routine with university & training! 💪always got the opportunity to improve & progress with everything.

#bridgevibes #MLFam

Summers over. Back to college.🎓 Which only means bottomless coffee 🍵 & training after dark. To any of the #MLFam back in college this week, 😅 I feel you.

New timepiece by @tayroc. 🔥 Pretty damn aesthetic watch. Go check em out & make sure to
Use MATTLUCAS10 for a discount if you're picking one up.


Had an incredible trip to Gdansk last week. 🍻Just reminiscing now on how sick our apartment was. 👀Right on the main street of the old town.

Thanks to @bluebuddyapartments for the hospitality & amazing stay. 🔥 Will definitely be back.

#vibes #travel

Happy Sunday fam. ✌ bout to get shwifty tonight to kick off freshers week.🍻Who's onnit?

Transpire just dropped these clean ass hoodies.🔥Highly recommend getting one.

MATT10 for discount

#transpire #MLFam

Training has been the best it has been in a long time lately! 🔥 really enjoying adding weight and volume to my workouts now my calories are increased a little! 💪still keeping things in check with daily cardio.

Back to university this week. While I'm busy I like using intermittent fasting as a tool to save time on meal prepping😅 Drinking lots of water, coffee & @noccoireland BCAA drinks to keep me feeling full & keep my focus.


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