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Marlee🍉  balancing my Disneyland and concert addiction and going to college like a pro. APU 🐾 PR Professional

thank you for introducing me to dark lipstick and bold patterns.

so happy to be home with this girl and her little brother. I haven't been homesick in SO long and boy did I miss being home after the long semester.

happy happy 21st birthday to the kindest roommate I know. you have a heart of gold, brint. love you TONS! (like 2 elephants worth, maybe 3) thanks for sticking around for the last three years! rage while you're in China and then hurry home!

back to simpler times and longer nails 🌼

5 out of 6 finals done - and a new little baby has been born, welcome to the world Anthony Jordan Echarte ❤️

this churro is golden, finals are not. Disney day this Friday, drop, drop it like it's hot.

a spoon full of sugar helps the finals stress go down

let's go. headphones in. laptop open.
#disneyland #marypoppins #finals

spring sprang 🌸
#disneyland #spring

they don't call it a love seat for nothin' •holy moly do I love this job
#aikeninthemaking #meganeliseevents

floated to cloud 9 on these balloons and hit my Pinterest peak at this wedding

may or may not have stolen this sled, SNOW MUCH FUN! ❄️

twenty fun filled birthday for my paniella 🦈

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