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Laia López  Illustration, Spain/Barcelona • not accepting personal commissions atm! • 💌 business:

Este sábado estaré con @Martitara y @lagalerayoung en la @casadellibro de Rambla de Catalunya (Barcelona) presentando #Mystical3 y #Mysticart 😍
¿Vais a venir, no?👀✨🌙

some character design lineup for something ... I’m working on🐟 I know you know literally nothing about them or their personalities and such, but who’s your favorite?👀 let me knoooww👀 their names are Mako, Eiden, Diana, Edlyn and Isla!

warmup sketch of my favorite god👑 #yato

One of the things I did for #Mysticart was to come up with the design of the girls’ rooms✨ this one is Nora’s room!🌿 and probably one of my favorites😌

‪Esta mañana he dejado algunos ejemplares de ✨Gleaming✨ firmados en la tienda de Norma Cómics de Passeig Sant Joan en Barcelona👀 si alguien se pasa esta tarde quizás aún los encuentre y se pueda llevar alguno!🌚‬

A few months ago I had the honor to create a poster for “GRIS”☁️ a videogame by @nomadastudiobcn which has such a nice design and its different levels/places where it takes place are so aesthetically pleasing😭💙 If you wanna support them, they’re selling posters with all the different artists they’re collaborating with! (my poster included👀 heh) if you wanna go take a look, @nomadastudiobcn has the link to their online shop in their bio!✨)

doodled myself wearing a really cute skirt I saw the other day✨🐠✨🐠✨

#Mysticart sneak peek 👀✨🌿💫🎆🔮⚡️ coming out tomorrow!!!!!

#Mystical 3 El reflejo oscuro y #Mysticart el arte de Mystical salen mañanaaaaaa😱😱😱 queréis que suba algunas cosillas de Mysticart?👀✨

Gracias a todos los que habéis venido hoy a verme en la presentación de #Gleaming ⚡️aunque estaba muy nerviosa (as I always am👽) me lo he pasado muy bien y me habéis hecho súper feliz😭💞 de verdad me ha encantado hablar con todos y veros a todos, sois unos solecillos☀️

Nos vemos esta tarde en la presentación y firma de #Gleaming en Barcelona en La Casa del Llibre?👀⚡️🖊 (and I know ppl are gonna ask, yes that one in the drawing is Jungkook😌, it’s a commission I did not too long ago! and it’s included in the artbook🐰)

have any of you watched Wotakoi👀 #wip

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