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Lisa Lou Who  Gryffindor, Firebender, Lannister, Horde Winner of Cosplay Melee!! Bookings: Become a patron for prints and tutorials!

Fuck yeah Harry Potter World with @devinsaesthetics!!

Lots of people suffer from social anxiety. Even those people you think are outgoing and cool (which we all know I'm neither lol)! I'm currently going through the process of silencing my intrusive thoughts and putting myself out there and making friends and meeting new people and putting away the fears and realizing I'm loved!

Gatorade not Haterade. Photo by @carlosgphotos

Bye Felicia.
Photo by @paperarttwork bts of my shoot with him and @alive_alf!! I'm so excited to be really jumping into cosplay again!! Find me at Megacon this Saturday!!

For those asking my I Need Healing Hoodies are back in my Etsy store!! As well as chocobo kigus! Link in my bio!

Justice ain't gonna dispense itself. Happy Overwatch Anniversary! I've made 4 Overwatch cosplays in the last year and actually have another one on its way!! <3 photo by @martinwongphoto


When I design genderbends I definitely am one to include skimpiness in some way. But that's mostly because I choose characters that I feel would be confident in their bodies to show some skin XD Rakan for one would definitely be an attention whore, which is why I love him!

As I attempt to finish five hoodie commissions today and make basically all of Rakan, let's think back to when I was ultimate waifu Tharja. Two days ago. Good times man. Good times.

When you're magic af. Thank you @paperarttwork for taking this Boomerang! It's basically my new favorite thing. #tharja #cosplay #fireeemblem #fireemblemheroes

Have fun at #acen this weekend!! I went in 2013 and made my first big prop as Tira!! It's actually funny that right now I'm working on another orange ombre-feathered character! I guess I havent change much XD photo by @CositPhoto

I COULD label this as an unnecessary booty shot OR I could also see the growth in my own self love regarding my body! This girl right here four years ago designed all her costumes to cover her stomach and butt because I thought I was fat (at 20 pounds lighter, too!). I cried when I put on my Daenerys cosplay at SDCC 2013 and almost didn't leave the hotel cuz I thought I was too pudgy. Loving yourself is a lot harder than it sounds. But you can discover self love at any weight or age! Also lookit how cute my butt is? I mean...

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