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Lisa Lou Who  Gryffindor, Firebender, Lannister, Horde😸😸😸😸 Inappropriate=banned Bookings: Become a patron for prints and tutorials!

Nothing beats a day at Disney <3 thank you for all the birthday wishes!! I love you guys so much!

So pause on the sexy photos for a minute: So a few weeks ago my cat Toph had surgery that you guys all made possible through your donations and love!! I'm still working on shipping out the prints you ordered but I keep meaning to update you on her condition and she's alive and well and happy and back to normal old Toph!! This is a picture of her right after we got her home from her surgery. Just out of frame is Sokka being a dick and trying to sniff her while she's grumpy. XD

You know you can't resist me ;) first shot from my Poison Ivy shoot with @carlosgphotos!!

Together we are strong πŸ’ͺ

#zarya #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #cosplay #zaryacosplay

This was just at Anime Matsuri two weekends ago and I already miss these amazing people!! Cosplay is great, but the friends it brings is even better <3

Little bb Lisa rocking basically the same cut I have now when I first started cosplaying =3 Kratos was my favorite video game character ever back then!!

Hi mom. I cut off all my hair just like you've been telling me not to do. I'm sorry XD I'm gonna do an Instagram livestream at 9pm PST (in 40 minutes) Since I'm so close to 200k followers!!

I was a sexy Ewok once (wtf am I doing with my life for this to happen??? 😣😣😣 Oh right it was @jessicanigri suggesting we all be sexy Ewoks for Indiana Comic Con last year!!) photo by @aleestudios


Mfw I've murdered everyone in sight with my demon powers. #cosplaymelee

When you pretend to be edgy but really your favorite characters you love are smiling doofs because inside that's all you really are too. Prompto and Viktor are sunshine incarnate

Happy Easter! Haruko Haruhara coming your way!

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