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Lisa Lou Who  Gryffindor, Firebender, Lannister, Horde Winner of Cosplay Melee!! Bookings: Become a patron for prints and tutorials!

You cant stop me ☀️☀️☀️ photo by @dtjaaaam

@daniellebaloo has been one of my biggest inspirations in cosplay since I started. Inspirational cosplayers tend to come and go for me, but Danielle has remained there, always improving and completely surprising me with her amazingness. I always have in my head 'if Danielle can do______, I can do this too!' She's really close to 500k followers so if you don't follow her already, you should =3

'Give Claptrap my love, though! My purely platonic love. Don't want him getting any ideas.' >_>
Photo by @rubiophotography of one of my favorite characters and favorite cosplays I've made!

I've lost 20 pounds between these two shoots! Leina was about three years ago with @ebphoto651 ! I find the difference very subtle but that's what happens when you lift weights and gain muscle!! I know I could be much skinnier but I prefer to be strong and eat lots of tasty protein-filled calories! That being said, I'm really excited for Dragoncon because I really feel the need to feel confident and sexy and Dragoncon is certainly the convention for that :) BE READY FOR NEW COSPLAY!!

The party starts NOW!! Seeing @enjinight 's perfect Xayah reminds me of how much she will forever be my cosplay waifu 😂😂😂

Aranea is my Final Fantasy Waifu <3 photo by @robbinsstudios at Katsucon this year!!

I make lots of costumes quick and easy by knowing how to sew!! Sewing has a decently pricey startup cost (due to needing a sewing machine) but it's great being able to make costumes using thrift store finds and fabric!!


My Rogue might be making a comeback soon, but with bigger hair =3! Photo by M.C. Photography

You guys have been asking for more Zarya from me, but I don't really know what more to do with her until she gets a skin I actually like 😂😂😂 casual Zarya definitely is fun though!! #overwatch #cosplay #zarya

I've been getting a lot of comments congratulating me on my Cosplay Melee episode that was on SyFy in April!! I wanted to re-share this and THANK YOU for watching and supporting me and liking my work :) Cosplay Melee was an amazing, inspiring experience and I'm still proud of the costume I made in three days on the show! XD #cosplaymelee #cosplay #

Sylvanas is one of my only FULL armor builds! What should I make next??

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