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While I donโ€™t usually post pictures of my littlest love, I had to send Valentineโ€™s vibes to our biggest love. This guy made us feel so special and loved today even from afar. Weโ€™re two lucky gals ๐Ÿ’— We love you!

Holiday crafting while baby naps ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

One of these goobers is getting a passport today. Send karma for smiles and zero crying ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Beaching is a little different these days: baby feet, bouncer seats, and lovie blankets all in the tent shade. The hours of tanning and sunscreen reapplication are gone for now. The cocktails and the sound of waves remain (and maybe some reading if we're real lucky). In the end our hearts are full, and we wouldn't have it any other way ๐Ÿ’—

I'm so sad that my best girl was born into a country where people feel free to spread so much hate. I vow to teach her and other young minds that no matter what they look like or who they love, we accept them for who they are. I'm confused by politics and the people who run our country right now. This girl though. She knows nothing of that right now. I hope that something changes, and we come together in love to make a better world for her, for future generations. As soon as she can understand, I will teach her that only light can drive out darkness. Let her be a bright light in what will hopefully be a much less dark world as she grows up.

Baby's first sun hat. Beach necessity ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒŠ

Happy first Father's Day to the greatest dad Cora will ever have, to the greatest labor & delivery support this mom could ask for, and to the man that makes our family complete. Us two gals are so lucky to have @rangerdw to call our own.

I'm so excited to start building my essential oil blends to use during labor. My kind of nesting!

The surf may be shit today, but the sun is unexpectedly shining, and I'm on summer break. I feel incredibly lucky ๐Ÿ’—

Gorgeous day for a surf lesson! ๐Ÿ„

Just dudes hanging out at a festival having a good time. #tuckfest

This day always brings about numerous mixed emotions. After a stressful two weeks, I know this dreary day will be challenging. I believe that I hold the power in my hands to choose happiness. I'm choosing to make today different and plant seeds of positivity. Early morning yoga & meditation, a drop of this essential oil in my hand cream, and some time to clear my mind with a book is setting me up for success today!

After a night with little sleep, the only things that's going to get me through my day is a work out, LOTS of coffee, and my homemade perfume rollers for joy and positive energy!

Cocktail, book, beach. So grateful to refresh and replenish with a long weekend in a place that cleanses my soul.

Still can't believe this happened with only 8 miles under my belt through an injured training cycle. And a half hour under my anticipated time. Thanks @lassenlovesbeer for braving this feat with me! And thanks to @rangerdw for journeying with me and giving me the boost I needed at mile 18! #icanbarelywalktoday

Perfect post-marathon activity//drinking around the world!

Just hanging out with these two before the big race tomorrow. Big time stuff.

Big time stuff.

Making life goals and having the best time in Asheville! #kkctakeasheville #kristinrunsdisney

My first greenway run of this training cycle. I didn't think time or my mind would allow me to complete my total mileage today. My morning meditation and mantra of gratitude stuck with me. I was reminded of those who have donated to my cause and secondary reason for running this race. I channeled my emotions from the past week into ability and gratitude. Thanks for letting me share this experience and awareness for a cause that affects so many of us. #kristinrunsdisney #runningforNAMI #mentalillnessawareness

Pretty solid breakfast with a view after a humid 6 mile run this morning. #kristinrunsdisney #runningforNAMI #mentalillnessawareness

I fell in love with running five years ago. Well it might be a love/hate relationship. One reason I love it is that every time you get out there for a "long" run, it feels impossible. Yet it never is. I always finish and never give up on myself. I do something that scares me and feels impossible. Running helped me find some of my greatest strengths and to be who I truly am. Maybe it's not running but everyone should have something that helps them find the truest parts of themselves. That said, I'm immensely grateful to those who have supported my cause and encouraged me as I train for a marathon. Those who suffer with mental illness often can not access their greatest strengths and abilities. I would be so grateful if you helped support treatment and awareness of mental illness (link in profile). Everyone is fighting a hard battle, let's send love and kindness where we can. #kristinrunsdisney

Desperately trying to get this Monday started off right. Barre class, healthy protein, probably my favorite @blueprintcleanse juice + a homemade green smoothie for extra nutrients. Bring it Monday!

Initially I was going to talk about this gorgeous sunrise to kick off my first "long run" of my marathon training. Then I had to cut my run short to rescue a bird. It's been an amazing and weird 12 hours at the beach. #kristinrunsdisney

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