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Kevin Lo  💪 Gym is life 🏀 Nets Fan 🚀 Plus Ultra

No matter how small the step you take towards your goal, it is still considered progress

Some day, these baby arms will be worthy... until that day I will work harder and harder

Three stages of fuck my life
Finished strong though because I’m not about quitting

Still looking pretty lean during this bulk

Yo, these versa grips are game changers
Can’t wait for this week to be over though. My body needs a deload

In order to break through your limits, you will have to go to uncharted territory
Put up 110 for 3. Don’t think it was the prettiest, but content I got through it
Looking real thicc on the last clip

Bleh my arms are 💩

Some flexing and some arms

Since I saw about 7 women take their booty pics, thought I’d join in on the fun 🤪

Fuck it mentality.

Current BW: 181.6

Recently I’ve caught myself not going that extra step... whether it’s finishing that last rep, choosing not to go heavier when you have more, etc. I realized I’m guilty of all of it
That being said... time to shift gears. Last two sets, 90x6 and 105x3 for a PB.

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