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Running Solo  -CCHS Junior -Houstonian -RIP Michael 👼🏽🙏🏽 03/01/01-08/29/15 -1 Corinthians 10:13 -backup account @tbh.kkilla57

Someone buy me tickets

We are the Champions City-Manchester City We are the lads who are playing to win City-the Boys in Blue will never give in Football is the game that we all live for Saturday is the day we play the game Everybody has to pull together And together we will stand

Episode 22 (I believe don’t correct me) of boruto the next generation has me in my feelings and I need to catch up I’m 4 episodes behind on the show

I found this super funny when I first saw this

I was terrified of the Ferris wheel cause I hate heights

Some words of motivation l hope that everyone reads this and know that you are worth it💯 stay strong 💪🏽 you are beautiful 😍 you can make it through whatever is going on in your life I promise your are not alone with this fight. You like a girl, tell her. Stop playing games and get with them life is to short to be playing games. Cherish the ones you love

This was a picture I took ages ago

Highkey must be nice

My collection started with my first ever pop and it was John to Tobi to naruto 6th path to the yellow ranger to cayde to my 7th hokage naruto to finally my D1 and D2 ghost shells

Thank you for everyone I’ve recently met this past weekend it was really fun with you all and hope we can all hang out again soon I’m sorry if I didn’t tag you

Here’s a selfie cause I normally don’t post them and I liked this picture a lot

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