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✨Make your day Monday✨

National Parents Day, huh? I'm so lucky to hang out with this little nugget almost every day of the week. When I actually do get a break I miss her like mad and I laugh at myself for all the times I wish I had a break. Kids, they steal your entire heart. Also, happy 17 months Harper! ❤️

Starbucks stepping up their interior game. ✨

Happy Saturday.

Everyone look at this cute animation for @flowersfordreams I made! It's so fun and so rewarding to see my final product come to life. I think you could get the same feeling making cool things at their workshops! Go grab yourself a ticket from the link in their bio and have some fun. 💐😘✨

The only thing constant in life is change.

A lot of things are being stirred up in my life right now. Sometimes I'm doing the stirring, but other times I have no control over what happens. The hardest part of being happy is letting go of control and allowing yourself to adjust to what life brings you next. I don't know what's next for me, but I'm holding on tight as I wait.
Thanks for this phone snap @alivialatimer 💫

But like, where even am I?

In love...that's where. ☕️

It'd be totally chill if someone wanted to bring me ice cream for breakfast.

Family in town means Millennium Park is a must.

My brother is coming to Chicago this weekend. What are your favorite dog friendly + kid friendly places to explore?!


Monday at work with this one. She's momma's little office assistant. She organizes all the files, puts equipment where she thinks it should go, and is just a great overall helper.
On a very real note *mom friends* what do you know about nanny shares? How do they work?!

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