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Is this allowed

Awesome evening ❤️ #GMAAnniversaryParty2018 #GMAAnniversaryParty
Thanks @michelledee for the pic!

hoy! koa misses ur kulitness 😂why so sad here?
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a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that

the baddest body guards in town 😏 @curtismito @narez_ #MegaMillenialBall
Thanks @iamrich01 for the vid ❤️

(Start of week 1 - end of week 1)
Some days my love handles hide, some days they come out to play. But then I decided I want to feel sexy EVERYDAY. -
So, if you’ve been keeping up with my IG stories, you’ll know I have survived Week 1 of my 4 Week Challenge to get my abs showing (went by too fast 😩!!). It was really hard to get myself to go to the gym every other day, but tbh it’s been getting easier each time! And seeing some sort of progress definitely adds motivation. I’m glad Ive been taking progress photos and videos. Next week I’ll have to really watch what I eat. Particularly as I’ve found out just how difficult it is not to stuff my face with a burger to “treat” myself after a good workout 😂 cutting time, sabay parin with regular work out!! -
Thank you @coach_giraldfitness @billyjamesfitnesscenter for being freakin awesome and working every muscle I have!! (And btw even though I’m doing an AB challenge, we still combine the core workouts with legs arms and back excercises)

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