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Karan Vohra 

10 days of separation !! Finally got to see my baby.Missed him till death.As I am shifting my base from Delhi to Mumbai,living without Dumbbell for some initial months will be very difficult.

Dumbbell: Papa please leave me !!!
Me: No, Baby I want u come and relax on my lap.😊
Dumbbell: No papa,I don’t wanna come,I am a big grown up boy now..I feel embarrassed !!
U do one thing papa.. u come n relax on my lap 😉

Liberation of soul requires liberation from the concrete world.

Aaila !!! Beard days,back again 😉😎😁

Zoey: You should be in touch.
Me: I promise to be from now on.But,i missed u darling.

“Don’t #worry about what #people say #behind your #back .They are behind #you for a #reason .They are the #people who are finding #faults in your life #instead of #fixing their own.”

Boxing is real easy.Life is much harder.
(Floyd Mayweather,Jr)

Sunday Morning Vibes !!! Lazing around with my bundle of joy 😄😄😄#fathersontime @itsrenuvohra thank you capturing these beautiful moments 😘😘😘. #happysundayeveryone #fatherson

Travel Dairies ➡️LADAKH #sunnymorning☀️ #feelingrelaxed😊 #superman

“Throwback Thursday“ My Beard Days 🧔 !!!

Shaurya mode Off for a day.
Because,it’s JUZZBAAT today.
Thank you @sandiipsikcand @zeetv
Styling by @kamlaxi
Wardrobe Courtesy @bhavyabhasin90

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