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Amanda  Traveler, runner, dancer and foodie. Puppy enthusiast. Spandits! / Altra Red Team

32 miles to celebrate my 32nd birthday next week. The best part? Petting a record setting 34 dogs for a dog per mile ratio of 1.1!

Yoga studio throwin’ up some inspiration today. @goebbflow

When your friend sends you a calendar invite called “Thursday run for sanity” you obviously accept. Thanks for the miles, @beotcha!

When your team gear arrives on Valentine’s Day! 😍 @altrarunning

13 miles. Zero dogs. At least I had good company!

“MOM LET ME RUN TOO” Nali turns two tomorrow! It’s been quite the adventure adding her to our family. Here’s to less fence jumping and more quiet naps...maybe.

And we’ll all float on okay... #saltwaterfloat

When you misjudge the self-timer, but you’re too tired to care and try again. 16 miles.

The exhausted, yet persistent, light in me honors the exhausted, yet persistent, light in you. #namaste @goebbflow

And here are two night owls in their natural habitat, putting in the work to achieve their respective goals. #thegrinddontstop

I got to wear a life vest for free ice cream, so I think best friend weekend has been going pretty well.

Squeezing in miles whenever I can. Happy Friday!

We went on our first date 15 years ago. 😱 Celebrating by stuffing as much sushi in our bellies as we can.

One of my favorite movies as a kid was FernGully, so obviously I freaked out and took 286408 pictures this past weekend when I felt like I was in a scene from the film. (This view >> my treadmill)

I’ll be dreaming of this trail until I can return someday. #trailtuesday

Move along, nothing to see here. #pnwonderland

I have died and gone to trail runner heaven. 7 sloppy, muddy miles of pure bliss along the Wildwood Trail. My soul is bursting with joy. Thank you, Portland.

Good morning, Portland! @kurepdx

The cold never bothered me anyway. JUST KIDDING I WAS FREEZING MY BUTT OFF.

Where’s Waldo: dog edition.

Nali’s first play date where she stole all of Duke’s toys and met her doppelgänger, Cooper!

Who has friends who convince you to run double digit miles in below freezing temps?!? Oh, right, I do. Dog per mile ratio of .4.

Get yourself a work wife who will run with you on a Friday after a long week of work! 💜 @beotcha

Running in fog is very soothing to me. It’s hard to see where you’re going, but if you keep pushing forward, the view gets clearer. There’s probably some life analogy in this.

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