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Madi Greenwøød  01/29/16💖💖

💖Turns out you know me better than I know myself.💖

Merci bellemare💖#pierrebellmare #flyers

@katvondbeauty @thekatvond today at work I noticed a man struggling to communicate with the other associates. He had a very thick French accent and I too also used to speak French but hadn't done it in over 3 years. I took all the courage that I could find in my anxiety filled body and walked over to him and attempted to aid him in French. After some translating he could tell that I was struggling with my French. He then looked at me once I had finished helping me and said (in French) " you're the first person to put that much effort in to helping me at a store. Thank you very much." And that made my day.

#tb to when I could have a clean truck for over 2 days😂💖 #2011fordraptor

You have learned way too soon you should never trust the pantaloon.|-/ #7years .

Halloween 2k16 was lit😂💖

Stay alive før me. |-/

Sømething's I can never førget. |-/ #tøp

Didn't they tell you that I was a savage? 💋

Lit night🔥 #havinamixer

Sonic boom 2k16❤️

The less I know the better. 💋

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