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Mồng 6 Tết 🧧🤗🍊🎉🐷
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As a large population of Vietnam still rely on agriculture for a living, pig has been a close animal to the Vietnamese people through generations. According to Vietnamese belief, they are the embodiment of wealth, good luck and prosperity with their chubby faces, big ears and all-day full stomach. And that is also the dream of all Vietnamese people in this 2019 year.

Mồng 5 Tết 🧧🤗🍊🎉🐷
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In addition to the festive atmosphere Tet Holiday brings to Vietnamese people every year, it is also the best period of the year for Vietnamese to take time to pay respect to religious institutions and on their spiritual life. Vietnamese people have been preserving visiting pagodas on the first days of as a deep-rooted tradition.

Mồng 4 Tết 🧧🤗🍊🎉🐷
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Tết in the three Vietnamese regions can be divided into three periods : penultimate New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve, and the New Year.

Mồng 3 Tết 🧧🤗🍊🎉🐷
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We have so many customs are practiced during Tết, such as visiting a person's house on the first day of the new year (xông nhà), ancestor worship, wishing New Year's greetings, giving lucky money to children and elderly people.
Tết is also an occasion for pilgrims and family reunions.

Mồng 2 Tết
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We (Vietnamese people) celebrate the Lunar New Year annually, which is based on a lunisolar calendar (calculating both the motions of Earth around the Sun and of the Moon around Earth). Tết is generally celebrated on the same day as Chinese New Year, except when the one-hour time difference between Vietnam and China results in new moon.

Mồng 1 Tết
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Happy Lunar New Year 🧧
Wishing you and your family all plenty of health, happiness and prosperity
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Chúc Mừng Năm Mới 🎉🐷🍊
Năm mới mến chúc các bạn và gia đình dồi dào sức khỏe, vạn sự như ý và gặp nhiều may mắn❤️

We went to Lower Antelope Canyon, it’s narrow passageways to squeeze through and ladders to climb. The narrow walls at the bottom, twisting and turning their way through the canyon, are fun to walk through.
This is also the canyon famous for its ladders. You will descend down into the canyon on a series of ladders and as you make your journey through the canyon, you will climb several more.

Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon in the American Southwest. It is on Navajo land east of Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon includes two separate, scenic slot canyon sections, referred to individually as "Upper Antelope Canyon" or "The Crack"; and "Lower Antelope Canyon" or "The Corkscrew".

There are two types of tours you can do : the Lower Antelope Canyon and the Upper Antelope Canyon.

Can’t believe 2018 is almost over... this year pass by so fast.
Hope you guys enjoyed a relaxed weekend and ready for New Year Eve. 🍾🥂
P.s : Feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and what you don’t see a line of 30 ppl waiting to take a photo 😂

Home is whenever I’m with you 💛

Horseshoe Bend is located about an hour north of the Grand Canyon in a small town called Page, Arizona. It’s a horseshoe-shaped incised meander of the Colorado River. The views are stunning and so majestic.

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