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Gianna’s first visit to the State Fair & I think she’s into it 😂😋 #Gigitriesturkeylegs #andGigilovesturkeylegs #texasstatefair #6months #frobabies

Gianna’s first day of swimming lessons was a success! She’s a natural water baby and her instructors were amazed with how comfortable she was. The last pic is my fav, looking like “catch ya next week 😜” 😂😂 Check out my ig story for more #frobabies #swimminglessons #munamommy

H U M P D A Y • M O O D 🌝
So Q and I went shopping for Gianna the other day (because highwaters) and he insisted that we buy everything in 6 mos sizes. I was like, “You’re trippin, 6 months is way too big for her.” Anyways, long story short, here’s a pic of Geeg wearing a perfectly fitted 6 mos fit 🙂 #clearlyimindenial #5months #humpday #happybaby #blackmomsblog

Gigi is 5 months and I am NOT OKAY! She’s sitting up, rolling over, and trying her best to grow up – someone come get her! We’re still enjoying our 12 hours of sleep per night, meanwhile trying to figure out how to get this girl to grasp the idea of naptime 😅. But a wise mama once told me you have to pick your poison: a decent night’s sleep or a decent napper... So I’m gonna take my 12 hours and see y’all on next month’s update 😂 #5months #sundaysbest #blackmomsblog #frobabies

Postpartum has me feeling more comfortable posting pictures of my precious Gianna rather than pictures and videos of myself. But here’s a little boomerang to show you guys it’s still me behind this handle lol. So “Hey” 👋🏾😌 Stay safe in this crazy weather 💗

Helloooo 4 Months 💕 At 16.9lbs, 25 inches, Gianna Isabella, aka Gigi, aka Busy Izzy, Geeg, Geegers, etc. lol, is proving to be more than a handful! At this point, sitting still is not in her repertoire and she demands our FULL attention. We began sleep training this month and so far it’s been a GAME CHANGER. 11+ hours of sleep per night for both baby and mommy (mommy more or less, but still, can I get an Amen?!) Yes she’s reaching tons of other milestones, but let’s be real, nothing tops her sleeping in her crib through the night lol. I’m also working on some content ideas for my new YouTube channel so I hope to share more of her progress there! Are mommy vids something you’d be interested in? Let me know 😉 #4months #frobabies #munamommy #blackmomsblog #breastfeedingawareness

Name a sound sweeter than a baby’s laugh? Me and Gianna practicing our laughs 😂💖 Preparing her for a lifetime of keke-ing together ☺️

Hmmm... Let me get uhhhh 🤔

“You about to do what??” #gigigetsherearspierced


Mommy’s Sweetie is now 3 months and changing everyday! She’s discovered her hands and ditched her pacifier for her fingers. We spend our days blowing bubbles, running errands and watching big brother reenact Black Panther lol. & No more co-sleeping! 🙌🏾 Naps in her crib and bedtime in her (bedside) bassinet. I love the little community of moms that I’ve found via IG. We’re all just trying to figure this thing out the best way we can 🤗💕

Anniversary MOOD ✨
Thank you guys, already, for all of the sweet comments on my last post! One year down, lifetime to go with this guy

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