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Wherever I go, cats follow. #thepiedpiper #Marrakech #MoroccanCats 😻

"Do it afraid." Waiting for the fear to go away is like waiting for everything to be perfect. It just won't happen. It will never happen. So buckle up butter cup; feel the fear and do it anyway.

A lovely morning spent at @altrove.ristorante, a passion project that is good and ethical, just how I like it! 🙏 And they had a superb vegan cake too 🙌

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Rome: Pigneto 💛 Every step you take it's a different part of the world, smells, colors, faces. It's totally off the beaten track but worth a visit for a nice "aperitivo" at dusk🙏 #Pigneto #streetsofrome

Sometimes you have to dress like a tough girl and dye your hair red so that you can step out of your comfort zone and grow the fuck up. But that’s vegan leather, I’m a tough girl with a kind heart 💚

What do you do when you feel stuck? Do you put some lipstick on, dance it off, go ride a bike? 😎

Up until a few months ago I thought I had a lot of goals. Every year I ended up disappointed with myself because I kept writing the same goals over and over again. The same new year resolutions all over again. The truth is I had wishes, not goals.
This year I decided to avoid the biggest pitfall: setting goals I cannot reach. I got there a bit late, but you know what... better late than never.

How do you do that?

1. You set realistic goals. Let's be honest, selling 10k worth of products by March isn't a realistic goal if you don't know how to sell, have a list, have a budget for advertising or don't have any system in place. No, affirmations won't help you. No, this isn't lack mentality, it's just being realistic of the hours you have in a day.

2. You brainstorm your goals in reverse. You have a goal right? Take a piece of paper and write down EVERYTHING you need to do to get to that goal. Even that new email address you have to create. Even that email you need to send.
Open your Google Calendar (or your Asana, or whatever you use to keep organized.) and schedule your micro goals. If you have brainstormed 20 steps to get to your goal, schedule one step per day (or more than one, just make sure you don't go over 1 hour per session so you have time to work on other projects and client work too). If it feels overwhelming, don't schedule one task/day: schedule one task a week. You'll reach your goal in 5 months but you won't be overwhelmed and you will actually do it.

Remember, be realistic about it. Don't schedule 5 huge things on the same day. Micro goals.

3. Sit down and work towards your goals every day. I find that it's a lot easier since I've done the micro goals work. Now I know what I need to do every day and I'm not worried about the bazillion other things I need to do because it's all scheduled in. I can focus on that task because I have a peace of mind that everything else will be taken care of when it's time, because I've already scheduled when it will happen.

Sometimes the space you are in is too small for what you want to achieve. Sometimes you need to physically move and expand in order to grow. Sometimes you need to get out of your house, take a walk, look at the sky and breathe all that space in and know it is possible. You can achieve your goals. But you have to feel expansion, not restriction. How does the thought of growth feels for you? 🙏

I think that cats can teach us a lot about being present. Take the time to observe a cat. They are always 100% in the thing they’re doing at any given moment.
Cats never half-ass anything. They either do something or they don’t.
Cats have the ability to be present.
The amazing thing is that they can teach you to be present without doing anything. You just have to stop and look at them.

One step at a time 💪

It’s easier to think your problem is that he doesn’t care about you.
It’s easier to think that you screwed up, and that you could be the one next to him right now.

It’s easier to think he’s the only one who can make you happy.
No girl. You make you happy. Look at all that crap you tell yourself, face it.

It’s not easy, but it’s critical.
No man is ever gonna fix you or give you the life that you want. What happens when he’s gone? You’re broke again, your life is shit again.
It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.
You will be strong, and beautiful, and full of love and you’ll be so proud of yourself your heart will feel like bursting. I promise.

To go through life savouring every moment, to stop and listen to the message you are given, to look at something and really see it. To feel every feeling, go through your shadow and come out on the other side radiating a new light: this and more I wish for your life, my life and every life! 🙌
What are you wishing for today?

Losing followers as soon as you gain them? Failing to create real connections on Instagram?

It's not you dear, it's the automated apps. 🙄

When I first started using Instagram a few years ago, it was all good and great: people liking each other's photos, following each other, chatting in the comment section. 😍 As the platform grew, bots came along.
What are bots? They are apps that automate and fake genuine engagement. If you're using popular hashtags, you should cut your like count by 1/3 to know how many real users are actually liking your photo. The other 2/3? It's automated apps. I'm sure you have noticed a worrisome increase in comments that don't mean anything: "Cool!" "Love your feed!" " Love it! 😍". And you might have answered with a shy "Thank you" a few times. Well, don't bother. Those are automated comments. And what about those accounts that follow 15k people and are followed by 5k people? They are using apps. And even if they were followed by 25k people, no one ever follows 15k people. So don't sweat it honey. It's not you. 🤓

You need to cut through all the crap of automated engagement and reach real people.
How do you do that?
1. Use smaller hashtags.
2. Use automated apps. Did you fall off your chair with this one? Let me explain. Apps like Instagress are not necessarily bad. They can be really useful to find accounts you love, potential clients and things you actually want to see in your feed. It's just a matter of using it wisely.
3. Never ever automate comments. Go in and leave thoughtful comments. Talk to people.
5. Share your Instagram photos across your other social media so real people will see them and come follow you on Instagram.

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