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Eddie Cruz-Pagan  ΔΣΠ 352 ➡️ 727 ➡️ 305 "Time waits for no man, so make the most of it while you still can"

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and i say, It's all right 🎶

Proud to be from where the Mountains meet the Sea, and our lullaby is the sound of the singing coqui. #puertorico

Since it seems everyone i know is off in Europe, might as well share some memories of our trip to Pompeii so i don't feel left out

College isn't ready for these 2. Then again.. they're probably not ready for college either.

Sometimes being a big brother is even better than being a super hero #wegot2graduates

As my time at USF comes to a close there's one thing I can't help but find troubling me during this transitional period. On December 8th 2016 I lost my Grandfather to cancer. This was a man who, throughout all my life, treated me as his own son. He looked out for me, took me to school every morning, helped me practice sports and pushed me to achieve great things in my life. He imparted his wisdom on me and taught me so much of what has made me the man I am today. He was a kind and loving man who, even in the face of death, taught me the importance of family and looking out for those you love and hold dear. I never posted anything about his passing because I didn't deem it necessary, nor did i want to fill your guys' feed with depressing news. But during this last week of my bachelor degree, i want to pay tribute to the man whom, without his influence, i would not be where i am today. Asi que gracias por todo Abuelo, Te amo.

"Who do you even know here?"

I sure am going to miss this city next year 🌇

"Where the hell did Ro go?!"

"Any fool steps in front of a nice camera and thinks they can model" -Eddie Cruz, Local Hypocrite

I'm very proud to announce that the next big step in my life has presented itself. I have been accepted to do my masters program at Florida International University! As much as i credit myself for this achievement I could not have gotten this far without the endless love and support of both friends and family alike, so thank you to all of you who have stood by me these past 4 years. Go Panthers! 🐆

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