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Doug The Pug  👑 King Of Pop Culture 🍕 Twitter • @itsdougthepug ↓GET DOUG PLUSHIES↓

“‪When someone says they don’t like pumpkin spice” -Doug

“‪My season is here, u guys better watch out” -Doug

“‪Get ur candles out, it’s officially Fall‬” -Doug

“‪Waiting for the new @shanedawson series like” -Doug

“‪When u see ur ex in public” -Doug

“U want a slice of this puggeroni??” -Doug

“‪Mooooove cow, get out the way‬” -Doug

“Can we go, I’m getting hungry” -Doug

“‪No one understands me like my bed does‬” -Doug

“‪The sky is almost as pretty as me” -Doug

“‪Me realizing it’s almost hibernation season‬” -Doug

“‪Just a bro who loves wearing beanies‬” -Doug

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