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Vincent Restencourt 

Started from the bottom now we here 💪🏻 so proud of your hard work this summer @graciegold95 .Can’t wait to see where this season takes us 🥇thanks for the support @irgl__ironessa @itscoachpasha , Lisa Shaw and Iceworks #champscamps2018 #usfigureskating #workhardplayhard

This is how they start their day 😂😂😂 ! Love all of them and of course those missing in the video 😜thanks all of you for making my job such a pleasure 😊😊😊! #iceworks #soblessed #teamwork #feelsogood#workhardplayhard @itscoachalexz @itscoachpasha

Yup !!!

I know a lot of you won’t understand why I decided to stop working with ting but anyway I remember when you came to me with your little triple sal and triple toe and now we were close to get quad ! I’m very proud of myself for the work I have done with you ! I wish you the very best and I hope you will succeed. @ting_a_ding @itscoachpasha @itscoachalexz #usfigureskating #teamiseverything #newthingscoming #iceworks

I’m so proud of you for this season @ting_a_ding, I know how hard you work to get there! Can wait for those new programs to shine :) let’s keep killing it 💪🏻#usfigureskating #iceworks #awesometeam #workhardplayhard

Thank you so much to the skater’s mom who did those shirts ! I don’t want to say any name but I’m very touched! Loyalty, respect, hard work is the way we and will always train our students! @zahradnicek91 @filchenkovpavel #iceworks #usfigureskating #loveit #yougotit

Well @ting_a_ding , I’m so proud of you you showed at junior worlds from the first practice, competition to the exhibition what an amazing athlete and competitor you became ! Now time to go back home and work even harder 😊. Anyway congratulation to you you deserve all of it . Also I’m proud of my team and great job guys @zahradnicek91 @filchenkovpavel #iceworks #usfigureskating #workhardplayhard #proudcoach #juniorworlds

Welcome to the team for the one of the kind @laura_r_j I’m really proud of you the way you work very hard especially after 4 month off the ice ! Keep on working hard ! @zahradnicek91 @filchenkovpavel #iceworks #jacksonfamily #usfigureskating

I would like to welcome @laraannunziata !
We have a lot of work to do but we will succeed! @zahradnicek91 @filchenkovpavel #iceworks #workhardplayhard #teamwork #usfigureskating #jacksonfamily

Big congrats to @ting_a_ding to make it to the junior world team 😃😃😃I’m so proud of you ! Now let’s work even harder .
@filchenkovpavel @zahradnicek91 #iceworks #usfigureskating #workhardplayhard #sohappy#jackonfamily

What a blast I had with not only an amazing coach but also my friend @laura_lipetsk8 big congrats to you and Alissa ! You guys rock and don’t forget after me 😂 !!! @filchenkovpavel @ting_a_ding @zahradnicek91 #USChamp18
#usfigureskating #happytohavefriendlikethat#jacksonfamily #iceworks #lauraissofun

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