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Christopher Stacks Stacy  👻itsChrisStacks 💦CoCreator/VP @theJugHugger 🦄@CelestialBodiez 🔰TEAM@ReviveProHealth 🔱Owner/Coach @StackedBodies 📱StackedMediaPro

A quote I have said to numerous people over time and I was reminded of by @garyvee the other day!

An awesome combination of a flashback, & Flex Friday with our Jug Sister @hopesmallwonder_ifbbpro, @amandaotero_ ❤️ and @thelittlebostonterrier.

It's going down! The official taste test of @bangenergy new Peach Mango! Check it my snap-stagram to find out if it's #StacksApproved! (Aka my instastory 😂)

You have 2 👂 and 1 👄 (as my grandmother always told me) if your not executing, talk less and listen more. 👊🏻

Shocked to be at a gym today where every squat rack was being used but we made due with this Linear Hack Squat. Probably a good decision anyway, back felt a little tight and we have a massage Saturday (thank you @itsduey) Contraction felt great and was able to load up safely! 💪🏻💪🏻

I'm coming for this guy with some serious prejudice! #focus

So many people thing that have accomplished so much or deserve so much from other people. You may get a lot further if you check your ego at the door and try being a bit more humble. Every transaction should be 51-49 not 99-1. #ComeCorrect

Yesterday's dead lift session! Feeling good, loving the strength progress! Had to readjust grip quick during these but plan to go for more next deadlift session! (Side not for all the boys.. dropping the weight doesn't make it heavier 😏😉) Superpants - @CelestialBodiez

Much love for @metabolicnutrition! So excited to use this stuff! Best protein powder and aminos on the market! #ThankYou

What is the basis for your excuse? Is there any truth to your excuse or are you preventing yourself from even trying?

Loving the new toy at the @celestialbodiez warehouse! I have wanted an inversion table for almost 3 years now we have one at the office!

If you stop striving to be better to make someone else feel better about themselves you are doing yourself and those around you an injustice.

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