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Chester 🐶✌🏼️Pure Pug  Pure Pug 🐶🤪 (Part piglet) 🐽 Interests include Eating 🍴 Sleeping 😴 Licking 👅 Sleeping 😴 Pug Daddy’s @jakeegray and @mistevious86

It’s ok dad I’ll keep any eye out and protect you while you nap, then we can switch?

Dad did you get my side of bacon?!?

Clothes smell like dad...? But dad isn’t here..?

It’s to cold to be cute RN

Waiting for humans to give me the crust off their pizza 🍕 It’s makes your tail extra curly

Dat fresh sheet feeling... fanks dads @jakeegray @mistevious86

Long weekend plans: Cuddles

Have fun at work dads... I’ll just be here Keeping the bed warm

Monday’s are dumb unlike my new beanie!

The look of fear because you’ve realised you’ve slept through the entire week but realise tomorrow’s THE WEEKEND!

This weather got me like 💤

Plans for the weekend: 1 Sleeping 2 Eating

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