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Bubz  I may be little but I got a BIG heart, BIG dreams and a BIG personality ^.^

Possibly The Worst Card In History|

While you see “best daddy in the world” and “my dad is my hero” cards out there, this is the type of card my husband gets. Not gonna lie, didn’t realise it was Father’s Day this weekend so resorted to some DIY with Isaac yesterday.
It’s so bad that it’s almost good. Thank you for being “Poo poo daddy” as Isaac says, for wiping bums unconditionally! Probably not the most sentimental card but A for effort though? I even utilised the O!!! We love you big butts, I mean BIG MUCH daddy!!! #happyfathersday #thankyouforwipingmybum #poopoodaddy #IUtilisedTheO

I’m laughing because this pic was almost three years ago and things have not changed. He still feels the need to accompany me every time and ration how many sheets of toilet roll I can use. #isaacng #momlife #bubzvlogz

Last night, as I was doing my mother in law’s nails, my curious Isaac tapped my shoulder and asked if I can paint his nails too. I giggled and agreed. At first, I put a clear gloss on and that was it but he looked at mine and his grandmothers and knew he wanted colour too. He asked me why can’t he get colour and I realised I couldn’t think of a reason why so upstairs we went and I let him choose the colour himself. He went for orange because “cheese is orange and cheese is my favourite”. He was so excited and went to show his dad right away. He said he could “smell” the cheese from the fingers too. His dad was definitely taken back and a bit uncomfortable with the idea. I was going to remove it today but realised, if I removed it, it would mean something is wrong and frankly, there isn’t. Nobody forced Isaac to wear nail polish. To him, it’s not different to painting on a piece of paper. He’s just excited to be wearing his favourite colour. He’s just a little boy and he shouldn’t be hindered by gender expectations. Oh yes, he’s helping me bake brownies today too. Girls can do “boy” things and boys can do “girl” things. I will remove it when he wants me to 🙌 I know I will probably get an earful from family members but What matters is, he’s the one wearing it and he’s comfortable. Isaac loves trains, airplanes, helicopters and Lego but he also loves tea parties and baking. Sometimes, I realise I genderise myself. After all, we have been brought up generations normalising it and I’m so glad things are changing. Slowly but surely. Let kids be kids. #isaacng #babybubz #bubzvlogZ #staycurious #letkidsbekids cheeseforlife

Mystic Ayla |

Look into my crystal eyes, now your balls will be paralysed. #aylang #babyayla #itsalamp #mysticbaby

We visited Isaac’s nursery the other day. The building, staff and everything really was perfect but as soon as I got into the car, I wept. I never understand why parents used to cry when their kids started going to school but now I truly know why. Isaac will start nursery in September and even though he will be away for just a few hours a day, it’s wedged a hole in my heart. I’ve just been so used to having Isaac spend all day with me for the past few years. He’s part of my everyday routine. I love painting, baking and getting up to no good with him. I know it was definitely a privilege as not a lot of parents are able to get this much time with their kids. I know I have been very lucky but the thought of him being out of the house 5 days a week made me realise this is the beginning of a routine that will last for a very long time. My little baby is growing up fast before my eyes. I didn’t tell you guys this but for the past month or two, I’ve been laying awake in bed anxious with the thought of bad things happening to my children. The thought terrified me and kept me up at night. It was only last night I realised that, I can’t bubble Isaac forever. Maybe I try to protect him from too much. Not much truly is in my control anyway? I have faith in my little boy. I know it’s through hardship that I grow the most so why can’t I let that apply for my children? One day, Isaac will let go of my hand but I know he will hold me in his heart forever. My identity for the past four years has been in my children. I live and breathe them. But one day, they will live their own lives and it’s only when they do, I will start to live mine again and that’s not a bad thing. Here is a picture of Isaac when he was around 1.5. In a lot of ways, he still looks the same. My energy supply may be empty these days but my heart is full. A parents love never runs out. #isaacng #bubzvlogz -#amotherslove

Domo will always be my favourite nap partner. He’s my cuddly teddy bear and hot water bottle. Gives the best snuggles #domo #domothepoodle #napbuddies

After months of waiting, my book “A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life” is finally ready for its worldwide release. You can now purchase the physical copy (or kindle version) off Amazon wohooooo! Be sure to grab a copy because I promise you that you will keep going back to it. It’s timeless 😎 📷: @another.break
#bubzguide #abeautifulmindabeautifullife #lindytsang #bubzbeauty #bubzvlogz #seriouswriter

What? Am I hiding something? Before you guys jump to congratulate us, let me stop you there by letting you all know that there is NO bun in the oven. I took this pic yesterday. Truth is, at almost one year postpartum, I still look 4-5 months pregnant. Everywhere else slimmed down except my lower tummy region. I’m sharing this pic just as a reminder that my postpartum body is extremely common thanks to abdominal separation also known as diastisis recti caused by both my pregnancies. Not gonna lie, I have unfollowed an Instagram page that shares postpartum bodies because even though it was supposed to inspire me, it ended up depressing me. I mean, I’m happy for these mothers getting back in shape but I searched and scrolled for a body that looked like mine and realised I couldn’t find it. We are all different. Why shouldn’t we share more of these postpartum bodies too? Why wait until you see abs again? I’ve lost a total of 21kg of baby weight and I should be proud of myself. For all I know, I may have this pooch for quite a while. However, this pooch is also a reminder to me that I am strong and capable. You don’t have to give yourself a reason to love yourself. You just do it. From the moment I existed, my body has taken care of me. Through every cut, bruise and illness, it healed. What’s more, it brought two beautiful babies into the world. My body is incredible. I’m grateful for the journey. So here is my postpartum body. One of many forms out there but still proud to share. #postpartum #selflove #bubzbeauty #bubzvlogz

Cousins are best friends for life |

My cousins are the reason I had the best childhood. We would get up to no good and even though we have grown up and walked our own paths, we are forever connected. I hope this trio will always be close! One of my favourite memories with my cousins is when we got up to no good in our back garden. My granny had a huge field of crops and she made a walking passage out of big rocks and we would play chasies on it. It was always such an adventure despite us getting into trouble with granny bubz as sometimes, we would fall and leave a bum print on the soil and plants. Leave me a memorable moment you had with a cousin! I’d love to hear! #cousinsarethebest #family #bubzvlogz

The forgotten child |

I feel a bit defensive sometimes when some of you mention Isaac as the forgotten child. Here’s the thing, just because he doesn’t appear as often in my Instagram feed doesn’t mean he is “forgotten”. He wakes up, gets his breakfast prepared, we do playtime and activities, we continue to feed him throughout the day as well as bath and put him to sleep. Everyday. He’s happy and because he’s happy, we are too. The only thing that’s different is, he’s no longer a baby. He is almost four and knows he can say no to a photo now. He also likes to run around too instead of letting mummy take pictures. I assure you he is not forgotten. He is currently giggling with his dad and sister as I type this post. Don’t let some posts on Instagram depict how somebody lives their life. Please don’t worry ☺️👍 The actual ironic thing is, we think Ayla is the forgotten one at times. She’s so chilled that we forget she’s in the room at times 😂 #forgottenchild #isaacng #aylang #bubzvlogz

The beauty of sibling hood. Taking mummy’s bra and putting it on your sisters head. #chunli #siblings #isaacng #aylang #bubzvlogz

Ayla ain’t got no thigh gap and she is still going to have a ball this summer rocking out her onesies. Be like Ayla. #leggoals #babylegs #aylang #babyayla #bibzvlogz #shehasmyfeet

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