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Bubz  I may be little but I got a BIG heart, BIG dreams and a BIG personality ^.^

When she was trying to push out a fart 😂#babyacorn #aylang #bubzvlogz #babyacorn #4weekstomorrow

Baby loves being pampered! New vlog is live on our vlog channel! Http:// #bubzvlogz #newvlog #pamperedbaby #aylang #3weeksold

Happy 3 weeks!!! One more week left until LaLa graduates from newborn to infant sob sob. I'm pretty sure she is going through a growth spurt right now. You know how you watch TV and feeding the baby is peaceful? Well it's like, release the kraken when it comes to this girl lately. Her eyes are wide, she's clawing for boob and growling lol. #bubzvlogz #babybubz #babyacorn #lala #aylang #3weeks #feedinghourly #alldriedup

Throw back to when Isaac was a little chubby potato. I wonder if Ayla will be as chunky like her brother hehe. I know I've been very MIA. These days, I spend my days with one arm holding a newborn and a toddler strapped to one leg. Ayla must be going through a growth spurt so my boobs are always out. Bear with me!!! #isaacng #babybubz #bubzvlogz

She's 2 weeks old already 😭 #AylaNg #babybubz #2weeks #babyacorn #babybubz

A tired but deliriously happy @bubzhubz #thatmoustache #myworld

Yesterday was actually Tim and I's 14 year anniversary together! In fact, 5 years ago- we became engaged! It is crazy how time flies and so much has happened since then. Now we are living in UK again and have two beautiful children together. I had been spending my recent days in my nightie and a top knot that I had no idea until Tim reminded me. We spent the day like any other busy day at home and didn't get up to anything special but I would not have it any other way. I love you @bubzhubz !! Thank you for being such a kick ass hubby and father. #14yearstogether #1staugust

It's amazing how much she resembles her big brother!! At 10 days old, the midwife says Ayla is THRIVING!! She has caught up on her birth weight and much more. We don't know if we are just more experienced this time round but we are finding it so much easier this time round. That or she is a more chillaxed kid 😅 #AylaNg #babybubz #babyacorn #bubzvlogz #10daysold #bigeyes #yourewelcomebaby

My baby daddy with the other love of his life ☺️ #bubzvlogz #AylaNg #babyacorn #babybubz #fatheranddaughter #morningcuddles

Got projectile sprayed with poop this morning but it's okay! This face can get away with anything!!!!!! Why do you guys think? Does LaLa resemble her mummy or daddy more? I think she has my eyes, chin, ears and head shape. Quite unsure with the nose. It looks like daddy's lips and button nose but she doesn't have the signature triangle nostrils that come with it 😅 #AylaNg #babybubz #bubzvlogz #minime #babyacorn

I have a new found respect for photographers who specialise in newborn photography. Here's me thinking it's going to be easy. She just kept wiggling about and refusing to fall asleep. When I was finally able to nurse her to sleep, she would soil her diapers repeatedly 😳 Managed to get a handful of shots before giving up. Will try again tomorrow. On another note, LaLa is 1 week old today! Yey!!! #AylaNg #lala #babybubz #babyacorn #bubzvlogz #mummyphotography

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