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Bubz  I may be little but I got a BIG heart, BIG dreams and a BIG personality ^.^


"My 36 Week Bumpdate!" This might be our last one! Can you believe my bump is in the 95th percentile??? Do you think she'll come early, be on time or be late? Watch here: https://youtu.be/rGOI26F66H4 #bubzvlogz #36weekspregnant #lookslikeaballsack

Had a lovely afternoon nap with Isaac and LaLa today! He is still fast asleep on my leg. He was patting my belly for ages and giggling trying to get his fetal sister to move for ages before falling asleep. So cute to see them bonding already. I hope everyone in UK is keeping hydrated in this heat!! #isaacng #lala #afternoonnaps #thebest

Happy Father's Day to my favourite person in the world @bubzhubz Thank you for being the best farter, I mean father anyone can ask for. I'm so happy that Isaac has such a great male role model figure to look up to. You may not be the strongest or fastest but you are definitely our big superhero. Couple days ago, Isaac cried seeing a spider and instead of crushing it to "save the day", you taught him there is nothing to be afraid of before freeing it outside together. That is why he is such a compassionate little guy. We adore you and your goofiness!!! Love, wifey, Isaac, Chubbi, Domo and LaLa xo #happyfathersday #bubzhubz

35 Weeks |

This week has been a bit tough. Suddenly having even more difficulty breathing and just cannot find a position to be comfortable in without feeling as if my lower back, pelvis and hips is being ripped apart. Something doesn't feel right about the sheer weight of my belly. It's been overwhelming as it's not the pain I'm used to before with my previous pregnancy. Went to see a doctor yesterday due to my bump growth being off the charts and he confirmed that I do have polyhydromnios (something I was suspicious with already) which means I have abnormal levels of fluid surrounding the baby. It could be nothing but being closely monitored from here on. I know I'm in good hands and have faith baby will be delivered safely into the world but kinda regret googling the condition as we all know the Internet always gives the worse possible scenarios and consequences πŸ˜‘ But like doctor said, could be nothing. It does mean birth plan isn't as simple now. I was a good candidate for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) but this changes things a little. I may have to end up getting an elected c section in the end. Please pray for us 😊 As long as LaLa is ok, mama Bubz is ok! Oh! Other than that, baby is approximately 5lbs 3oz right now! Nice healthy weight says the doctor πŸ‘Œ #35weeks #explainsthecrazyweightgain #blessmyjoints #worthit #thisismylastonethough #whiningpost #spd #and #polyhydromnios #youbaddie

Great news!!!! BH Cosmetics are doing a huge promo on the Be... by Bubzbeauty eyeshadow palette. Buy one ($14.50) and get one FREE when you use the code "BUZBOGO". Hurry while offer lasts!! Http://bhcosmetics.com @bhcosmetics #bhcosmetics #bebybubzbeauty #signaturepalette

34 weeks pregnant or did I swallow some melon seeds? I took this pic after greasing up my belly and it somehow gave the photo a blurry effect πŸ˜… #greasylens

London will always have a special place in my heart. Stay safe, everyone!! Saddened to hear about the horrible news. Again? I can't even comprehend what goes into these people's minds when they do something so evil and unthinkable. To think Isaac and I walked down the bridge not long ago...

Hope you had a nice day celebrating your belated birthday, mummy!!! Her camera on her Samsung phone takes the most insane pictures. Trust us, our skin does not look like this in person!! πŸ˜‚

Bump and I! Thinking she will have my super thunder legs. Her kicks are something πŸ™ˆ

To Isaac, my first born.. Don't know if it's pregnancy hormones but I am currently inconsolable as I lay in bed with happy tears. What another perfect day we had. We didn't get up to much but just like each day, it was special as always. We just put you to bed and like each night, I physically miss you and can't wait to see you already. As I feel your little fetal sister move inside my belly more and more each day, I feel more excitement and anticipation in meeting her, but as I feel more love, I also feel more guilt as I know our days with you as our only child is coming near it's end.
You were made inside of me and for the whole 10 months I carried you, we were never apart. You were the one who made me a mother and from now till the end, we will never be apart because you will always be a part of me. My heart aches so much because I can't believe how much love I have for you. Is it possible to feel so much love for such a tiny person? It hurts to know that when you grow up, you will probably no longer remember these memories you have as a baby and toddler. But luckily, mummy will always remember and hopefully you will never forget the love we made you feel, little one. My day starts out beautifully just from seeing your sunshine smile in the morning as you bounce in your crib excited to see me. It ends perfectly as you cuddle into my arms to give me a big kiss before telling me you love me. I can't believe how cute you are at times that I wonder if you are really all ours. Right now, I'm more immobile from carrying LaLa but you rather stay home to be with me than to go out outside to explore in the sun. I will forever cherish these moments while you need me so much. While you will probably grow up to have your own little family of your own, I know I might not be your everything forever but you will always be my everything. You're growing up to be such a caring and gentle little boy. We know you will be the best big brother in the world. I can't wait to watch you two grow up. Either way, no matter what- you will always be my baby. Thank you for everything you have given us already, Isaac. I love you forever... #isaacng #babybubz #amotherslove

My Granny Bubz! Who can relate to this? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
#asianparents #asiangrandparents

Flashback Friday! When he only had two teeth but multiple rolls. #isaacng #babybubz #toothless #but #ruthless

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