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Bubz  I may be little but I got a BIG heart, BIG dreams and a BIG personality ^.^

To Isaac, my first born.. Don't know if it's pregnancy hormones but I am currently inconsolable as I lay in bed with happy tears. What another perfect day we had. We didn't get up to much but just like each day, it was special as always. We just put you to bed and like each night, I physically miss you and can't wait to see you already. As I feel your little fetal sister move inside my belly more and more each day, I feel more excitement and anticipation in meeting her, but as I feel more love, I also feel more guilt as I know our days with you as our only child is coming near it's end.
You were made inside of me and for the whole 10 months I carried you, we were never apart. You were the one who made me a mother and from now till the end, we will never be apart because you will always be a part of me. My heart aches so much because I can't believe how much love I have for you. Is it possible to feel so much love for such a tiny person? It hurts to know that when you grow up, you will probably no longer remember these memories you have as a baby and toddler. But luckily, mummy will always remember and hopefully you will never forget the love we made you feel, little one. My day starts out beautifully just from seeing your sunshine smile in the morning as you bounce in your crib excited to see me. It ends perfectly as you cuddle into my arms to give me a big kiss before telling me you love me. I can't believe how cute you are at times that I wonder if you are really all ours. Right now, I'm more immobile from carrying LaLa but you rather stay home to be with me than to go out outside to explore in the sun. I will forever cherish these moments while you need me so much. While you will probably grow up to have your own little family of your own, I know I might not be your everything forever but you will always be my everything. You're growing up to be such a caring and gentle little boy. We know you will be the best big brother in the world. I can't wait to watch you two grow up. Either way, no matter what- you will always be my baby. Thank you for everything you have given us already, Isaac. I love you forever... #isaacng #babybubz #amotherslove

My Granny Bubz! Who can relate to this? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
#asianparents #asiangrandparents

Flashback Friday! When he only had two teeth but multiple rolls. #isaacng #babybubz #toothless #but #ruthless

31 weeks! I have a surprising amount of energy these days despite the fact I stay up to feel her movements. Feeling your baby move inside is definitely one of the most magical feelings in the world. Not much quite comes close to it. Cherishing these next two months with her in my tummy. #babyayla #AylaNg #babyAcorn #31weekspregnant

30 Week Pregnant|

So crazy to know we are 3/4 into this pregnancy already. Baby girl has been very good to me. Don't forget to get out my latest pregnancy update on my vlog channel! Sharing Ayla's Chinese name, more preggy symptoms and thoughts. Apparently baby girl is stealing my beauty? Check out at

Isaac vs his daddy as a toddler. See resemblance? @bubzhubz #isaacng #babybubz #themgenes

Sorry for being inactive lately. Just been dragging my feet carrying a monsterous baby bump. Weighed myself yesterday and I am already 60kg at 28 weeks pregnant. When I was 38 weeks pregnant with Isaac, I was 62kg!!!! So as you can imagine, my weight gain is off the charts which is a little worrying. Need to not abuse the pregnancy for baby and my sake of health. I'm amazed how big the belly is. I look ready to pop!!!! Ayla has dropped so walking has been painful so I've been taking it easy.

Mind you, I am by no means a relationship expert nor do I claim to know everything. I can only share the fundamentals that kept Tim and I together throughout these 13-14 years. Thatโ€™s right, Iโ€™ve spent almost half of my life with this man already. Itโ€™s been an incredible time but believe me, there have also been many difficult moments too.
Truth is, despite what you think- ALL relationships are hard work. There have been many times where we wondered if we would be better off apart but in the end, we fight for each other because we realise this love is worth fighting for despite our short comings. I want to put it out there that Tim and I do not have a perfect relationship and the simple reason is because neither of us are perfect.
I believe that if the foundation of a relationship is built in kindness, it will only thrive. In the end, it all comes down to it being a choice. Relationships are hard, full stop. Are you willing to ride out the storm together?

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Happy birthday to my beautiful baby sister who is not so baby anymore. You'll always be my rock. I love you @apecakes

Thirty years old and this is my first time sleeping on a four poster bed with starlights. Got to sleep like a princess last night. Thanks to last nights play, I even dreamt I could do magic!! If only I can fit one in our own bedroom without it swallowing the room. Who knew drapes can impact so much? Really appreciate all the thought put into the trip. Tim knew I've been a bit worn out lately and thought a mini trip to a London would cheer and freshen me up. We are headed to Petrus (Gordon Ramsey's restaurant) today for the taster menu. Thank you Victoria and Nathan for the treat!! We know it's going to be great. #bestsleepever #london #petrus #bellyismytable

Tim surprised me with a trip to London but I had NO IDEA it was for the "Harry Potter & The Cursed Child" play!!!!!!!!!!!! I burst into tears of happiness. I never thought I'll be able to catch this show!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you @bubzhubz !!! Serious brownie points!!!!!!!!!!!!! #london #harrypotter #besthubbyever

The 3 amazing ladies of my life (and me!!) that make up Ayla's name. May she grow up strong, beautiful and kind like these ladies and be inspired like they inspire me!! ๐Ÿ˜ #annie #yannie #lindy #april #equals #Ayla

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