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Arianna Polanco  Aspiring Music Producer// Pianist//CT//RCA

The power of red is stronger than you may perceive🌹

We shouldn’t have to live in fear of our lives. I ask myself everyday, will it be us next? Will it happen today? Because Ik it can, and that’s one of the sad parts: that it can happen, and that we are only making a movement now. What about sandy hook? Boston? Orlando? The church? Vegas? Parkland? Other innocent lives lost due to a person behind a gun or other weaponry? It needs to change. This needs to all end. We need to all know we’re safe and we need to be able to walk the streets knowing we’ll get home safe and alive and so will the people we care about. We have a future ahead of us and one of us who passed could have been something if they weren’t already. Someone could have found a cure for cancer or aids or something else that is big. Survivors have started this and I’m happy for that. It is brave and we all needed it. Majority of us just didn’t know where to start but they did. Now they’re speaking out and it’s important they do. Now it’s our turn to unite w them and fight for our lives. ✊🏽🧡 #marchforourlives

Endless Thoughts by Arianna ft Leanne Suazo (Prod by REK)
Otherwise known as Arianna
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Think twice instrumental now streaming on SoundCloud !! Check it out please and happy new year to all :) Link In BIO

“First you learn the instrument, then the music, and once you’re past that you perform the music”- unknown
Great job to everyone who performed tonight from instrumentalists and vocalist, especially the photographers (film major). Thank you to the instructors, principal, and all the support from friends and family ❤️

Guess who's back? 🤔

Just my girls and I

Beethoven~Moonlight Sonata 🌖

Hey guys, @jshmilr and his friend just released their first album. It's very abstract in the sense that the sound it's different from what u typically hear in the mainstream. I enjoy it and I reccomend u check it out... link is here --->

Great song, great album, Dope artist 👌🏽🔥

Love them to pieces ❤️

Follow your dreams and follow your instinct. Don't let others tell you what to do, and if for some reason you can't do it or if u are unsure how to do it, you can find a way. There is always a way ✨

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