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itsamemarcus  30, Hertfordshire 🇬🇧 #gamer #games #gaming Player 2 - @sarahick 👸🏻💁🏻‍♀️🍬🐰

My #warriorwednesday was always going to be Marcus Fenix related ☺️ I think any of Delta Squad would qualify, but for me it has to be Marcus 😊 Thanks to @littleaimeekins for coming up with #aweekofthemes 👏🏻

This is my #tastytuesday contribution to #aweekofthemes by @littleaimeekins ☺️ I’m eating pizza and watching YouTube, what are you up to this evening? 🍕

Magical moments spent with someone special ☺️ #magicalmonday - part of #aweekofthemes by @littleaimeekins 😊 Sea of Thieves was one of, if not, the first games I ever played with @sarahick 💀 What was the first game you played with your Player 2? 🙂

Reading this on my lunch break 🤓 I’m only part-way through, but did you know Alan Turing (enigma machine) and William Higinbotham (nuclear bomb) were involved in creating the first-ever ‘computer games’ 😲 Also, I did not know Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked for Atari 👾 Some of the most intelligent people to ever live/have lived were involved in making video games what they are today 🙂 Truly humbling ☺️

I’m going to try and take part in @littleaimeekins’ #aweekofthemes ☺️ So here is my #stackitupsunday, although I think I may be a week early 😳 I hope you have an awesome Sunday 😊

Chores done, time for some gaming 🎮 I hope you have an awesome weekend ☺️

A few more bargains from @cex 🎮 I wish I never had to trade in my old games, never again ☺️ What game(s) do you wish you still had in your collection? 😊

Three of the absolute best Xbox games 🎮 Have you played them? ☺️

Thought I’d give @xgamerenergy a go 🙂 Have any of you tried it before? 😊

Playing some Mario Kart on my lunch 🎮 What do you guys get up to in your breaks? ☺️

❤️ So I was tagged by @kjngamer to take part in #twocanplaythatgame ☺️ These are just some of the games @sarahick & I have played together 🎮 Of these the only one we didn’t really enjoy was Monster Hunter (sorry Sara 😳) and we’ve completed 10 of them 😊 I love being able to play games with my best friend and my girlfriend, especially because we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like 🙂 I tag @lyonsdengaming & @walkthroughtime to take part in this - the world is full of hate so we need a little more love, even if it is only on Instagram ✌🏻

More often than not the highlight of my day is playing games with @sarahick 🎮 What do you look forward to after a day at work? ☺️

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