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Steve’s always quoting Mr. Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn.” So we’re doing just that in today’s post by sharing some of the most ridiculous pet peeves we have about each other. #newpost #marriage 📷: @markwspooner

this is us curing cabin fever on this 60° day in january. it was a soupy mess but the balmy steam coming off the snow was the tiniest reminder that spring will come again and it was life-giving. happy weekend, friends! #swipeleft

christmas morning with my sweet family is on the blog. plus a video! #huntchristmasextravaganza

kids are weird.

it’s a hot mess out there but it sure is pretty.

snow days are the best days.

never been one for resolutions, i can’t say i’ve really made any for 2018 but what i would do if i were to make some (is this me letting myself off the hook early??) is: read more! yell less! plan dinners ahead! and then some. reflecting on the blog. happy new year, friends.

so i guess what i’m gathering from my #2017bestnine is that y’all want more of steve in 2018?

eleven years with this guy last week. it is often entirely ignored since it comes a few days before christmas but the fact remains that there’s no one i’d rather binge watch the crown with than him.

merry christmas. hope these days give you everything you need, and then some. and thanks always for being here. i’m glad you are.

winter cleanup crew at your service. only three(ish) more months till we’re done! 🙄

christmas anticipation is crazy exciting but we just took a break and spun around the living room to florence and the machine because even the merriest of people sometimes need a break from deck the halls and sleigh ride and jingle bells. back to the merry-making tomorrow (or probably tonight. or this afternoon. or now.).

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