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bridget c. hunt  πŸ‘©πŸ»: blogger | photographer | wife | mom | etc. 🏑: boston | north shore, ma πŸ’Œ: itsahuntlife@gmail.com


the selfies and videos like precious little gifts on my phone when i leave it places around the house and parker finds it. #swipe #thatvideo #thehuntsdovideo

my latest favorites in the beauty world. including my recent @beautycounter purchases. all natural and actually work. decided i needed to clean up my makeup routine a bit to reflect the way i like to eat and feed my family. i'm not throwing away all my old makeup, but little by little trying to replace it with natural beauty products that get the job done as well as the other stuff did. ✌🏼

my blog is called tales of me and the HUSBAND after all. a new post up with ten things about Steve. partnering with @nordstrom. #sp #Nordstrom http://liketk.it/2sKPj #liketkit @liketoknow.it

happy friday! hope yours is as happy as this guy. πŸ“·: @markwspooner

this guy has to go along for the ride to a lot of places and things that aren't really for him necessarily. part of being the littlest guy in a houseful of bigger kids. he's always so sweet about it. heading out the door early for school drop offs or sitting in a gym to cheer his big sister on, whatever it is, he's always up for it, even grabbing his shoes when i tell him it's time to go and earnestly trying so hard to put them on by himself. it's so completely endearing. so it's time to get parker off to soccer tonight and of course we're rushing. he's moving too slow, i'm raising my voice about getting his shin guards on, to grab his soccer ball, he's moving like molasses. i look back towards the house at anders on the driveway trying to hold like five toys--cars, a lego motorcycle, an army guy--to bring them with him while they're spilling out of his arms. he's getting upset, looking up at the car as though to say "don't leave without me." he's frantically trying to get them all in his arms again when i run back inside the house and grab a backpack that's right on the hook by the door. i bring it to him, get down on the ground with him where this pile of toys is, and suggest we put it in the backpack. he was so delighted. such joy at the idea that he could corral all his things into one place and keep them safe until we got to the soccer field where he sat on the sidelines with me and played. he proudly wore it on and off the field and said backpack for the first time too. it was a little thing that meant a great deal to him. i just love this little sidekick and i'm happy to help if it means he'll keep coming everywhere with me. ❀️

these pictures. these people. β€οΈπŸ’” new post on the blog with @havenlifeinsurance. #sp

🌻 (also, new post!) #sunflowers

i first put one on my hand. then i asked parker if i could add one to his. i told him it was for if he missed me, he could look at it, and i'd look at mine when i missed him. steve was standing right there and said he wanted one too and then of course anders had to get in on the action. so there we were, all with hearts on our hands (had william and lindsey not already left, i'd have given them one too!!), all anxious, all wondering how this dreaded kindergarten hand off would go. he told me he was scared, and that it felt like such a big school, and that scared him too. my tears wanted to start as soon as the parade of busses started by. these tiny faces peering out the windows. these kids, once little kicking newborns so beloved heading off without their parents into the unknown. i fought them, keeping a brave face and holding my boy's hand. at the door, a teacher was playing guitar for all the new students and a smiling woman met us, put her hand out, and took parker's saying "here! come with me!" it was so fast, he sort of tugged at my hand and said "come in" but i told him this is where i drop him. i hugged him and kissed his cheek and then he turned the hallway and was gone. i couldn't hold them back anymore. here come the tears. steve's eyes filled too, bless that man who's heart is so wrapped up with parker's, and then he put his arm around me as we walked away from the school. it is so strange, so unnatural to be handing over your child to the care of someone else. every part of me wanted to run in, scoop him up, and bring him home. i'm reminding myself of this a lot, and maybe you need it too: just because it is hard or strange does not mean it's bad. and when i picked him up and he was all smiles, and told me he "liked everything" about his day, then i can sit safely in the knowledge that maybe it is right and good even though it feels the opposite. watching your kids grow is so full of joy and sadness. of course you want this to happen, but it's hard to witness just the same. i am so incredibly proud of him. and of me too. james taylor sings "the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." i'll be figuring out how to do this as long as i live.

what most of my pictures actually look like. πŸ‘†πŸΌ anyway, new post on back to school shopping at @assemblyrow--a new outdoor space with restaurants, shopping, a movie theatre, legoland, and green space. locals, check it out! #somerville #boston #assemblyrow #sp

the other day parker went to run errands with steve and william. anders and i sat on the stoop waving as they drove off in the car. he told me when he got home that he cried all the way to costco. "why did you cry?" "because i missed you and anders." we really like being together and i'm not sure who's gonna miss who more when kindergarten starts.

i wish i looked that good when i ate an ice cream cone.

kindergarten classroom meet up today then lunch just with mom and dad. he said, "i'm a little scared" as we walked into his classroom. "we'll be here the whole time," i said. now to see about fitting inside his backpack on the first day of school...

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