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Last time I asked my cousins daughter which horse is going to the glue factory? Apparently this is the glue factory...where the horses go. The triangles on top cut up the horse meat...good to know.

I took the thing right out of its nest.

Hey @klein_tools does this qualify for replacement?

Hamburgers and steak at work at130 am. Sure. #nightwork

And Lee makes three! Thank you @leeranaldo for making it happen! #leeranaldo

Oh good. They got us heaters so we can work like assholes in negative degree weather. Thanks. #halfadaytops

Waited for about an hour for these delicious things. Well worth it. #treehousebrewing

That was easy. In and out in under 10min. I beat the rush. Bam!

Needs a few things....#masterybridge etc...
#impulsebuy but well worth it. #jazzmaster

That was good. #shellac #stevealbini

Behold the broccoli thief! This bastard ate all of our broccoli plants.
#woodchuck #broccolieatingbastard

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