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  an aspiring dog trainer + photographer adventuring with her mutts and fosters


when you see the weekend... #ComeHereNow 😳

Kai has her first snow experience today! 😁❄️
but she wasn’t very amused...
All of my dogs absolutely love snow and go insane when they see it so Kai not even acknowledging it was quite the change!

“YAY it’s Monday!” - said no one ever 😐

Walking into @tractorsupply right after being paid probably wasn’t my smartest idea...but now Wyatt has 2 new collars & 2 new leashes, that match!

Weekend, are you down there? This week has been going on for ages!

Dobby has no master.
Dobby is free elf. 😅

When I’m not taking care of my own animals and fosters, I’m taking care or someone else’s, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
This is Sienna, her owners are currently on their way home after a few days in New York.
I’ve been watching her while they’ve been away and I absolutely love her!
I’m a sucker for bullies and all their antics! ❤️😍

Today I took Rocco & Kai to the baseball fields to play with our friend, Koda! ❤️
Kai was such a well behaved and perfect little nugget, she’s going to be an amazing dog!

Happy Thanksgiving from part of my family to all of yours! ❤️🦃
#xavierthegreat #KaiTheResQ #HeartofTriWyatt #RoccoJTaco #moreissuesthanvougemia #Sawyerlloyd #FettiWap
M.I.A. Desi, Bailey, Tiger, Kitty, Bo, Trixie, Jeremy, & the crabs. (It would be a dream come true and a miracle if I could ever get them all in a photo.)

I sincerely apologize for my lack in activity. I absolutely love talking to all of you and sharing my dogs and their adventures but recently I’ve been very busy and with busyness has come a huge lack in motivation to take photos or videos.
I hope soon all that will change but only time will tell, until then I thank you all for bearing with me! ❤️

Friends, Kai needs your help!
She has ectopic ureters so she cannot hold her bladder and is constantly leaking urine. This puts her at risk for lifelong infections and potential kidney problems.
Kai’s best bet is a very pricey surgery, and no one has that money laying around.
If you follow the link in my bio you can donate to The Foster Farm and help Kai live a long and happy life!
If you cannot donate, please share and get the word out! 🙏🏻 ❤️

We’re almost in the clear for the weekend!

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