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It's A Bark  🌲 The home of... ‣ three mutts ‣ one labrador 🐾 and fosters ‣ #NikkiTheResQ + five pups 💪 R+ K9 Training & Sports ‣ ft. clients & family/friends dogs

I apologize for late posting and pretty crap photos, I am sick and have been sleeping since I got home 😅
The puppies are now 2 weeks old!
Eyes are open, ears are almost open, and they are starting to find their way to their feet! ❤️

If only she acted as good as she looks 🤔
#SheDoesWhatSheWants #ShesTooGoodForMyTreats

Did someone order a wheelbarrow of cuteness? 😍

Finally we have little #WhispTheResQ
Whisp has the least visible tan points of the bunch and originally I thought she was all black! Recently her tan points have been becoming more and more visible and she has almost become Essen's twin!
Whisp is the first puppy to have her eyes open and is a very quite and chill little girl. She doesn't mind being on her back, being touched, or having her nails done. ❤️

Next is #EssenTheResQ
Essen got her name from Captain Essen, one of the commissioners on the TV show Gotham!
Essen is a little fussy but for the most part is the same as all her siblings and doesn't mind being on her back, being touched, and having her nails clipped! ❤️

Up next is the only Chocolate puppy, #KaiTheResQ
Kai's name mean Sea in Hawaiian & Fire in Scottish! As a semi water dog that is almost red in color (and I just really like the name) I just felt that it fit!
She is by far the most high strung and noisy out of the litter, if she isn't happy, she's going to tell you about it! Also being on her back and having her nails clipped are far from her favorite activities but she eventually does give in and relax 🙃❤️

Next up is #RumorTheResQ!
Rumor was born second and is the only pup with long fur! Rumor also has the most defined tan points. She's proven to be a little more high strung than her brother but she has learned quickly that being on her back, getting touched, and having her nails clipped is not as bad as she first thought it was!
Rumor has it she'll make someone a great fake Shepherd 😉❤️

You've met them as a group, but now it's time to meet them individually!
Starting with first born, #NikkoTheResQ
Nikko is the only all black and male out of the group, and therefore earned the title of his mommas mini me! Hence the name, Nikko, a masculine version of Nikki!
The puppies personalities haven't developed much and we can't easily tell what they will be like as adults (or even puppies) quite yet, but so far Nikko has shown a more laid back demeanor! He does wonderfully being on his back, being touched all over, & having his nails clipped!
He is bound to make someone a wonderful fake Labrador just like his momma! 😉❤️

Mamma Nikki enjoying some well deserved sunshine ☀️❤️
#NikkiTheResQ #iabfosters

silly hooman you can't stand on the ceiling 🤷‍♀️

Nikki's puppies are now one week old! ❤️

The babies had another photoshoot yesterday! ❤️ They are getting chunky and closer to opening their eyes and ears!

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