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The Notorious F.I.R.E  Not your avg meathead. Firefighter/Pro-Choice, Pro Black, Feminist, = Rights advocate, Jehovah Thickness follower, coffee snob. I eat steak med-rare.

My homie @andredc90 had a bit of a medical setback while prepping for an upcoming show. So, he had to shut it down and heal up. Luckily he has his pack of hyenas to hold him down while he’s healing and recovering. Good vibes and positive thoughts my G. Minor setback for a MAJOR COMEBACK!

I feel GREAT, my energy levels are on point, my cognitive functions are BETTER, I’m never starving and my skin is good. I haven’t had more than 7 net grams of carbs per day in 3 straight weeks. At the end of the week I MIGHT slowly reintroduce a small amount of carbs into my diet. I’m so fat adapted that even with small amounts of carbs I’ll probably remain in ketosis.

Hard. As. FUCK

Words I’ve been living my life by for over 5 yrs. #neverforget #DeconMane #TrapSage

Rach getting some air!

Swimming with the rednecks #blackmendontcheat

How I’m pulling up to @itszackmorris and @mizs_jazzy wedding #CallMeRanchCuziBeDressing

My first time cooking a pork belly. It came out 👌🏾. I was paranoid about over cooking and drying it out! WHEW! 😅 Hi @wooka32205. 😏 #ketogeniclifestyle #ketogenicbodybuilding #ketobodybuilding #ketocarnivore #ketocarnivorecut #keto #porkbelly

My box came in from @butcher_box! 100% grass-fed/grass finished beef, no antibiotics or hormones added and free-range organic chicken. I used a promo code from @ketocounterculture took an additional $10 off, tossed a pack of sugar free bacon and 2 extra ribeyes in.
4 16oz 85/15 ground beef
12 10oz rib eyes
6 10oz sirloins
6 organic chicken thighs

#keto #ketogenicbodybuilding #ketobodybuilding #carnivorediet #qualitymeats #ketodiet #ketogenicdiet #keto

That’s 1,110 kids getting a full ride to college at the cost of $41.8m! #awesome

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