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Hannah Soon-To-Be-Cohen 💍😉  1 John 4:7-19 | J💘

I wuv him ❤️

I came home from Costa Rica pretty frustrated because my phone had gotten stolen on the trip, but then Jared picks me up and gives me a tiara and a wand and says "'re my princess. You have to wear this. oh! And here" and hands me a clue and the letter P. He then proceeds to make me find every other letter until I eventually came to a board with velcro on it where the letters belonged.....and THEN he proceeded to rap 😂😂❤️gotta love him he's so stinkin' sweet


Appreciation post because I'm going to miss these two more than life itself while I'm out of country for a week with no form of contact ): #CostaRicaBound #Missions2017

Special shoutout to this guy today. I was at home, sick, and feeling absolutely awful. So what does he do? He comes over unannounced, makes me breakfast, makes me tea, and constantly asks me if I need anything. 😂💜 Jared, my love for you grows daily. (Thank you for refusing to let me help you and making me go lay down)

Absolutely love this verse ❤ In anything and everything we do, we should make sure to seek God's favor in it. How can we constantly seek to please people when they're simply just that...people! God knows entirely everything about us (probably because well you know, HE MADE US) and always knows the best for us, and yet we tend to DENY HIM to find pleasure from pleasing someone else, whether it be from "roasting" someone or telling some insane gossip that has nothing to do with us or simply wearing a certain style of clothes that may not be the most modest choice, or learning the words to the knew (completely inappropriate) song that just came out. Such a simple yet such a profound thing. Seek to please GOD through your actions rather than man. Is it worth it to do something to please another human being temporarily when one day we have to stand before our Creator and be judged for all that we've done to wrong Him before we spend eternity with Him? I say it out of love, to others but also to myself. Can we remember why we do things and why God even ALLOWS us to breathe? It's to revel in how glorious He is, it's to laugh of pure enjoyment of how ridiculously great He is, and it's to share God with others, not to waste our time here focusing on ourselves. I really love this verse.

To anyone who doesn't know, yes, Jared and I are "tying the knot." 😂 🧀Gosh I love cheesy pictures, AND A HUGE THANK YOU to @blonde_contradiction for these awesome engagement photos! She's awesome to anyone who needs a photographer 📸

For the past 4 years, I have been praying for my future husband, and I've had a full description in mind of what he would be like...
I met you at a children's summer camp on June 6, 2016. You caught my attention immediately with that bright smile. Camp was incredible, I saw you work with children, I saw you encourage people around you and step up as a leader, I learned who you were and what a man of God you were. But I must say, from those times of fellowship and those times of prayer together, from the silly teasing and the constant laughter, I knew that I was going to marry you. Now..I didn't know how SOON, but, I now know that we ARE in fact ready. Despite popular opinion and tradition in today's society, I have full confidence that you are the one...and I never thought that I would be the kind of person to call someone "the one," but God has provided SO much confirmation, encouragement, and support from others in this. I met you in the summer. And now I get to marry the summer💍Can't wait to truly call you mine..2017 has great things in store..

I like the puppy dog filter🐶And I had an incredible day with friends today, life is good.

Posting this because I'm having Ohio withdrawals and I miss my Mammaw 😓 (Also: @jaredmichaelcohen nice laugh in the background)


First time getting frozen at the zoo together! ❄️🐻💘

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