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Hannah Cohen  1 John 4:7-19 | J.C.💘

He's been gone for less than 24 hours and I already miss him. Enjoy Florida hubby! See ya in a few days ❤️

Jared, you always make me laugh in the good times and you remind me to smile through the bad times too. Thanks for always doing the little things that you know help to turn my day around. Having to travel for a funeral isn't very fun, but coming home to hugs and kisses and a nice, super clean house with home cooked meals in the oven...I couldn't ask for anything more ❤️ Thanks for always being a light in my life and helping me to keep my eyes on Jesus, you're the best friend a girl could ask for

Jamie's dog and my kitten have become best friends and it makes me really happy 💗

I almost didn't post anything but I think Lydia deserves the recognition. She deserves to be remembered, because she was always full of life and creativity and it was beautiful. I'm in shock. You and I have had ups and downs since 7th grade when you first came over to my house and we baked brownies and made a silly video about it. I remember we came up with our first inside jokes that day and we started calling each other "Muffin." I wish I could hug you right now. I remember driving to your house at Midnight one night bawling because of a boy and I remember taking pictures in pumpkin patches with you and spending entire days watching Netflix in bed. No matter what we did big or small you were ALL IN and you were full of life. You had a beautiful soul and you'll always have a place in my heart. I hate that I can't hear your laugh anymore because we used to laugh at each other's laughs for hours back in freshman year. I'll miss our mutual obsession with Halloween and rollercoasters and our little surprise gifts to each other. But I love you Lydia and I love your family and I promise you I'll be praying for them and I'll be there for them every step of the way. Even if we weren't as close at the end, I still prayed for you every day. #RipMyMuffinOfLove #PrayForTheMedores ❤️❤️❤️

I miss my weird little alien sister 😢💚 #ComeVisitMe #WeirdoWithdrawals

Since a lot of people have been asking, here's our wedding registry! (It says our wedding date is July 15, but that's not accurate)

Tennessee was fun, but now onto Ohio! #CohenFamilyRoadtrip2

Just married my best friend ❤️

I can't believe Jared and I are less than 3 days away from leaving for Ohio. I'M GONNA MISS MY ANNOYING LITTLE PEANUT!!!!

And of course, I have to thank my right hand man..err..groom. 4 more days baby! Thanks for being there not only to support me today, and make me laugh, but to also be there to support my mom and bring her comfort as well. You're a God send and my soon to be husband! ❤️❤️ xoxo ( and thanks Chris for taking the picture )

I'm gonna miss you Chris! Best brother I could've asked for in the times I needed one the most. You better come up and visit me and Jared ❤️

Thank you for the happiest birthday ❤️ Thank you for buying me flowers and picking me up from school to go on a makeup shopping spree. And thank you for getting me a birthday cake and candles and singing to me. Andddd thank you for taking me to a nice dinner and then ending the night by doing face masks with me (that really shows how much you love me😂). But most of all, thank you for the promise that you made to me that I'm reminded of every time I see the ring on my finger. So happy to do life with you❤️You're the greatest blessing God has ever given me.

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