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Hannah  1 John 4:7-19 | J.C.💘

I miss my weird little alien sister 😢💚 #ComeVisitMe #WeirdoWithdrawals

Since a lot of people have been asking, here's our wedding registry! (It says our wedding date is July 15, but that's not accurate) tgt.gifts/King-Cohen

Tennessee was fun, but now onto Ohio! #CohenFamilyRoadtrip2

Just married my best friend ❤️

I can't believe Jared and I are less than 3 days away from leaving for Ohio. I'M GONNA MISS MY ANNOYING LITTLE PEANUT!!!!

And of course, I have to thank my right hand man..err..groom. 4 more days baby! Thanks for being there not only to support me today, and make me laugh, but to also be there to support my mom and bring her comfort as well. You're a God send and my soon to be husband! ❤️❤️ xoxo ( and thanks Chris for taking the picture )

I'm gonna miss you Chris! Best brother I could've asked for in the times I needed one the most. You better come up and visit me and Jared ❤️

Thank you for the happiest birthday ❤️ Thank you for buying me flowers and picking me up from school to go on a makeup shopping spree. And thank you for getting me a birthday cake and candles and singing to me. Andddd thank you for taking me to a nice dinner and then ending the night by doing face masks with me (that really shows how much you love me😂). But most of all, thank you for the promise that you made to me that I'm reminded of every time I see the ring on my finger. So happy to do life with you❤️You're the greatest blessing God has ever given me.

I wuv him ❤️

I came home from Costa Rica pretty frustrated because my phone had gotten stolen on the trip, but then Jared picks me up and gives me a tiara and a wand and says "So...you're my princess. You have to wear this. oh! And here" and hands me a clue and the letter P. He then proceeds to make me find every other letter until I eventually came to a board with velcro on it where the letters belonged.....and THEN he proceeded to rap 😂😂❤️gotta love him he's so stinkin' sweet


Appreciation post because I'm going to miss these two more than life itself while I'm out of country for a week with no form of contact ): #CostaRicaBound #Missions2017

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