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I'm somewhere between wanting to find a new direction for my illustrations and looking for inspiration to even draw. Basically. I'm taking a break

Trying to come up with character designs for a story I want to illustrate while Ash dumps on my drawing skills (just joking, you lit). I definitely need to be more consistent with practicing

Happy Birthday to da boy Jaden. Who bumped the Cool Tape Vol. 2 though?

Beauty like the compliment of green leaves against a light blue sky

The kind that you can't touch with your hands
Because to try would be like attempting to grab air

It's all around

All encompassing

Ever present

In nature

Or even the most desolate area

That breathe of fresh air

That vibrant mural

That act of kindness

That smile


Baltimore Born and Raised

Sometimes i wonder what we hope to gain by reposting news stories of people killing, robbing, and doing whatever other harmful thing to each other. Or why the news seems to have an obssession with giving the public daily updates of Trump's tweets. Yes we live in an ignorant, violent nasty, [insert more adjectives] world. But there's also the good. And there's also the need for everybody to claim the piece of the pie/world and start the work of making it better in any way that we are able and willing.

I love me
From my head to my feet
I am complete
And even complete beings evolve
Growing with experiences
Shaped but not broken
Influenced but not controlled - the unconditional condition

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