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Jamie Davis 🐾🌴  Part time head turner, full time jaw dropper.

We got my dog a year ago today and I’m so blessed we got her so here’s some cute bb pics of her 🥰

Unpopular opinion puffin over here, but I’m actually kind of enjoying the snow today ❄️

If you asked me what my favorite part of college is, it’s hands down the puppy rooms 💕

The love of my life ❤️ in case you need a laugh, swipe for some funny/cute videos and pictures of the cutest doggo in the world ⭐️ (the last picture is my favorite)

Bomb ass first concert ladies and gents 🎸 I felt honored to be in the presence of amazing artists and be able to hear them live in concert was an incredible once in a life time experience. Also we got to meet Tommy Heath from Tommy Tutone which was super cool, even though the picture came out blurry 😁

It’s my best friends birthday so why not embarrass him with a Happy Birthday post? 🤷🏽‍♀️ I love this boi with all my heart. I can tell this kid literally anything at anytime of the day and I can trust him with anything. He always knows how to cheer me up when I’m sad and make me laugh when I’m crying. He’s got killer hair and a smile to go with it and I just don’t deserve such a beautiful person in my life who constantly has my back and supports me in anything I want to do. He deserves nothing but the best all the time and he gives the best hugs ❤️ Happy Birthday b 🌴

Proud to be 🐏

Little gargoyle lady ❤️

So much love ❤️

Couldn’t be more proud of my drum children ❤️

Rock queen ⛰

WOW Happy Birthday to my favorite Nanners BOOOOOOP 🎉 ft. Our interpretation of our drumline show in one picture

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