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Matthew A. Perry  Gunslinger. Circa 1986. Fan Of Free Samples. Bowled a 19 at Mid-World Lanes. Reader of Things. πŸ“šCR: Malazan Book of the Fallen @MidWorldAlchemy

For anyone who missed the eclipse.

I'm ready. #Eclipse2017


R.I.P Sonny Landham, died at the age of 76. He was a badass. Played in 48 hours and of course, he played Billy Sole in predator. "There's something in those tree's.....and it ain't no man"

Saturday nights alright for dancin

Saw this floating around the interwebs. As a white male from a predominantly white state, where there are still confederate statues at our states capital, in whats considered the south. I have alot of feels for this guy right here. This dude hit the nail on the head. Applaud this man. I may be white, I may hunt and fish, go camping, 4 wheeling. I may also listen to old school hip-hop, blues and jazz. I may talk country but I dress city. I dont have a "people" label. Your people, my people. Last I checked were all people. This is my free speech, this is my handbook to life, I'm me and no where in my handbook does it say the word "HATE". - End rant.

Tonight's full length feature film is a beast of a movie. Theres not many movies or things in general that make me cringe or anything like that. But this is one of those movies thats hard to watch. But its just so fucking good that it doesn't really matter. And it has fucking Michael Biehn in it it. Nuff said. If you guys dig post apocalyptic shit. Check it out. It's a wild ride. 5/5

Sorry if anyone hadn't seen it yet. But this is the internet and its been a day. So fuck it. Lol.
The feels man, all the feels. #GoT

I mean, I'm Just sayin. You know?!?!?!. πŸŽ‚ πŸŽ‚ πŸŽ‚ #ItsMyBirthdayBitches

The sad truth. #Darktower

Got her all framed up and looking snazzy as fuck. Get yours while supplies last. Amazing dark tower mashup done by my buddy @mikeolsonart . #TheDarkTower#Bookstagram#ArtDoneRight#SupportTheArts#Bibliophile#ConstantReader#RolandOfGilead#TheGunslinger#TheManInBlackFledAcrossTheDesertAndTheGunslingerFollowed

Alright guys can we just take a second and appreciate how freaking awesome this dark tower art is from my buddy @mikeolsonart Any constant readers and fans of art should Defintely check him out. This thing is beyond amazing. I've had my eye on this piece and another for several years now and its cool to finally be able to hold it in my hands. Thankee Sai!! #MikeOlsonArt #Bookstagram #Dark Tower #ConstantReader #SupportTheArts #Etsy #PizzaWednesday

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