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itown church  Helping people move from where they are to where God wants them to be. Join us this weekend in Carmel, Castleton, or Fishers!

Join us tomorrow, in person or online! God is doing amazing things and you don't want to miss it!

Thank you for your prayers for the Guatemala missions team! Today we did renovation work on a school cafeteria which is also used as a church. From tilling to putting rocks in a wheel barrow and pushing it up a mountain, our team is working hard! We also had the opportunity to go to a girls public school and teach God's Word. Many kids have learned about who Jesus is through our team being there. God is doing big things. Keep praying for the team; there is power in your prayers!

Everything begins with a thought. This weekend #itownsouldetox kicked off and we talked about how to identify toxic thoughts and replace them with God's truth. Detox your mind by focusing your thoughts on what God wants. Come next weekend for part two of this series! If you missed this message, you can catch up on the app or online at

Today for Day 17 of #21DaysofPrayer we were reminded by Pastor Dave to have listening ears to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us. Rather than praying that God will do something, pray God will help you to see what He is already doing. Challenge yourself today to really open your eyes to all the wonderful things God is doing in your life.
See you tomorrow at 6am at the Fishers campus for Day 18.

Today is the last day to apply for the itown Leadership Academy (ITLA)! Want to pursue full-time ministry, increase your faith, or grow as a leader? Apply today at

Today at #21DaysofPrayer, we read Luke 8:26-33. In this story where Jesus heals the demon-possessed man, He asked what his name was. Whatever you are facing in your life, give it a name. Once we give it a name, we can submit the name to the greatest name in our life, Jesus. The name might be depression, oppression, sickness, idolatry, etc. Once you have named and submitted it to Jesus, command it in His name to go.
Whatever is burdening you, give it to Jesus. He has the power and authority to remove it from your life! See you again tomorrow at 6am at the Fishers campus.

We are so glad you are here enjoying your Sunday Funday with us this weekend!

"We cannot do right until we think right." The Devil can't ruin your life, but he can try and trick you into ruining your own life with your thoughts. In the first week of the Soul Detox series, Pastor Dave talks about what you need to do to overcome toxic thoughts. Don't believe lies that come into your mind! Catch the message again tonight at the 5pm or 6:30pm at the Fishers campus.

It's been a great weekend so far! What have you learned from the message this weekend?

This weekend, the itown kids are learning that when you are a disciple, you copy Jesus! By setting a Christ-like example, others will follow your example and learn how to follow Jesus too! Don't forget to ask your kids about what they learned today! "Follow my example, just as I follow the example of Christ." - 1 Corinthians 1:1

Happy Sunday! It's the perfect day to be at church. Can't wait to see you today!

It is always great to see you! Come hear part one of Soul Detox; Pastor Dave has a killer message for you. Make your Sunday AMAZING and come to church!

Plenty of opportunities for you to worship tomorrow: 
Carmel - 10 & 11:30
Castleton - 10 & 11:30
Fishers - 8:30, 10, 11:30, 5 & 6:30

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