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Romi.  20. Pisces. Has never went to Oovoo Javer. Peaked summer 2014.

May robson™️ 📸: 🤢💛😡🥚🦋 Thanks hunny xx #Blessed🙏🏽

Ha the hand pic is pretty Gay

Scooby gang. #Blessed🙏🏽

The idea of posting something like this a few years ago would have been hell to me and that’s a lot to do with the concept of social media, Instagram especially. That you can portray yourself as the coolest and most attractive version of yourself. But that scared me more than being honest. Like the idea of someone seeing my social media and then seeing me in person and being like lol she looks nothing like that. Social media is dumb and instagram is 100% just a vehicle for validation but it’s also fun! And I need validation! So here you go! My fat tummy!!!!!! (I’m not saying I’m brave btw or that I’m different and Real™️, because this is still a long way to go from posting a pic that’s actually 100% Real™️)🕺🏽🤠 #Blessed🙏🏽 🤧🤢🧟‍♂️

Handiwork. Salad fingers......

Girls Allowed™️

Get ready for the Rapture 🕺🏽🤢🧟‍♂️ and watch Scream today as it is Friday the 13th and a spooky day 🤠 #Blessed🙏🏽
Tag urself I’m Bill Nighy’s arthritic hand in the last pic

A day late for this yas kween 🤠🤪🤧 Welcome to 20 you sweet powdery Woman. I hope u smashy banged ur way to happiness in spoons last night 🕺🏽 I love you beautiful lady ! You are funny. See you around more. Romi 7 Worsdell xx
@mayrobson Happy Birthday™️ and many many more for us all please xxxxxxx I hope u never leave my side

Happy 20th Special Birth day of Celebration™️ 🕺🏽🤪🤠🗣😬🤯🤬👍🏽💛
Thank u for being the funnest most exciting most supportive most beautiful and most silly Ladie and Bad Boy to be by my side this many a year. Enjoy your day where I will laugh at all your jokes I promise. Starting with this taster of lols for you ! @emumfordart !

Three mamas

🧟‍♂️ What u can’t see is the burst blood vessels all around my eyes, my neck, forehead and cheeks! Caused from throwing up outside the restaurant last nite!! Isn’t life fun and not in any way unbearable!!!! #Blessed🙏🏽

Stepping closer everyday to Instagram Baddie status 🤠🤞🏽🤢😇

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