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Welcome home.

#priorities #finally #thanksdoterra #yesthatsmytoothbrush #yesthatsmybathroom #onguardmouthwash #sofreshsoclean *just because I've been asked before: I purchased a bunch of these On Guard toothbrushes at my first convention.

This song will forever remind me of @taeufamily @kalliwilson , @worldwideoils , @bianca_essentialoil_therapist and @squirrelywanderluster

I'm so overcome with intense gratitude and awe. I always am when I try to wrap my mind around what we are doing. I'm grateful for the culture of our team...extreme generosity, radical compassion, and sincere authenticity.

I never thought I'd sell anything...but you know, we all do- whether we realize it or not. Each time you get dressed, you are advertising for a clothing company. And so it goes.

We live in a time and place where everyone is an influencer. I wanted @carley_schweet 's luggage simply because it looked so cool 🤣. When I was looking for a new dentist, I asked my friends.

I'm so grateful that @doterra came into my life when it did and the way it did. It wasnt the luck of the draw; it was a God thing.
We know that we were born.
We know that we will eventually die.
What we do with the "in between" is ours.
I'm going to help change the world.
Love will win.

And I'm going to blaze a fire of generous compassion along the way.

I never thought "Strategy" was a strength of mine until I had to pack @doterra convention swag to fly home.

#cliftonstrengths #doterraswag #tetris #TSAninja #doterradreamconvention #gladionlybroughtcash #freetogivegraduate #doterraismylovelanguage

Too bad these Instagram posts can only be a minute long!!!! @thehughjackman came to Utah to perform for us at @doterra 's Dream Convention!

@wright2dream .... THANK YOU!

Not only is he a phenomenal actor, dancer, singer, but he and his wife are generous with their compassion and inspiration. He sat and stage and melted our hearts, talking about dreaming, working hard, helping those who need a "hand up", and he did say that Doterra is the best essential oil company.
A few more hours to go and then it's time to pack to come home. My cup is just about full.

Thank you @doterra for inviting @elenabrower to lead us today. I always take a Friday morning yoga class before work at @bodyworksyogastudio , and while I miss my yoga family, i truly enjoyed today. Thank you Elena for sharing your time with us.

#blessed #yoga #elenabrower #yogi #yogini #doterrayoga

Can we just talk about being a mom for a hot second?

I have been looking forward to my doterra convention trip for so long. It's all the I've talked about and consumed my thoughts. This trip fuels my fire and fans the flames of a passion that burns inside me for helping others in a massive way. I love getting to see people I dont regularly see and just absorbing all of the ....everything.
Plus, let's face it. I typically have a lot on my plate. I look forward to this as a girls trip -to decompress and have FUN.

So why in the world do I keep crying?! I have bawled several times this week. Hell, I've cried several times in the last 5 hours.
I thought at first it was anxiety. Then frustration / a hit to my pride / anger.... Nope.

Someone asked me tonight where Oliver was. (I brought him last year).
The tears just poured out of my face without warning. I was a freaking hot mes tonight at if you saw me, and my face was swollen, or I was repeatedly wiping my eyes..... that's it. It hit me. I've been a mess because I miss my family.

I am having fun, and I'm glad I'm here, but I'm missing my family something fierce. This trip has also reminded me how amazing and supportive and heart centered my team is.

I'm blessed to be surrounded by so many genuinely loving people.

2018 gala is in the books!
Heels are off & its time to rest up for a full day of education and excitement!

Find your tribe and love them hard.

What better way to start the week than a @symphonyofthecells ?

After church yesterday, I was blessed to share these applications with a pretty cool group of women. *I highly encourage everyone attends one of @boydtruman 's class in person. You can go to @truwellness to find scheduled classes in your area & I strongly suggest purchasing a handbook from because #knowledgeispower .

Each guest chooses to give and receive a protocol. The stars aligned for me because we had a certified massage therapist who specializes in energy work there. At the end of the class, she not only administered the Forgiveness Protocol on me, but also gifted me with a chakra balancing treatment.

If you ever are in the Logansport Indiana area, you MUST schedule a session with Crystal Padgett at Hair to Dye For!

Mamma is ready for all the things today!

#eachoneteachone #lovelanguage #blessed #educate #empower #lovemytribe

I just had the most amazing massage /chakra balancing by Crystal.

I have the most amazing gifted generous friends!

My name is Leilani, and I may just be the coolest dork you will ever meet!

I cannot contain my excitement.
I will not remain calm.

One more full day until I fly to Utah!!! Who else is going to Doterra Convention, and what do you make of the dropper bottle?!?!

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