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This lasted us a little over 2 years, and since it's about that time for sweet corn to be ready in our slice of heaven, I thought I would share again how we #freezerprep :
my hubby and kids picked up roughly 500 ears of sweet corn.
🌽For those of you who typically get sweet corn from the grocery store, let me share with you how we do sweet corn around here.
1: Get some sweet corn from your favorite farmer. You can find them at roadside stands all over this time of year, but my daughter's grandparents grow it and have the best sweet corn I have ever had. We got roughly 500 ears of corn from them. 😋
2: Shuck it (peel the husks and silks away from the corn). Brent and the kids started shucking the corn by the goat pen to keep most of the mess outside, and the goats LOVE this treat. I helped shuck when I got home from work (they were almost done). It took a little over 3 hours to shuck all the corn.
3. Blanch the corn. We had one turkey fryer going outside (could boil about 90 ears of corn at once), 2 soup pots, and 1 stock pot of water boiling in the house on the stove. Once the water is at a rolling boil, boil the corn for about 6 minutes. I advise cooking it outside if you can.... it keeps the heat out of your house.
4. Give it a cool water bath. Immediately transfer the corn to a sinkful of cold water to bring down the temperature. This does 2 things: stops the corn from cooking further and makes the corn easier to handle.
5. Cut the corn off the cob. We do this in Pyrex cake pans.
6. Scoop a quart and a quarter of the corn into quart size freezer bags (that's 5 cups).
7. Lay bags flat in your freezer. 😋When you are ready to eat the corn, just pull a bag out of the freezer and let it thaw in your fridge. We like to put a little butter and salt with our corn on the stove for a quick and delicious side dish.😋 We finished around midnight last night.

It's a lot of work, so get help if you can. Callista's grandpa picked the corn, hubs and kids shucked, hubs and I cooked and cooled the corn, Brent's dad helped Brent and I cut the corn, and I bagged it. The kids helped with other jobs... Daniella & @callista.23 transported corn to the freezer.


SCENARIO 1: If you already have a wholesale account, simply log in to using your id # and password. Click 'shop', and the appropriate category for that day. For example, if the BOGO is "Buy one Grapefruit get a free Lemongrass," you would select "Single Oils," search for Grapefruit, and select "Add to Cart." Once you have finished shopping, click "Proceed to Checkout." The free Lemongrass will automatically be added to your cart. Easy breezy!
You can purchase up to 5 BOGOs each day!
Most people with a wholesale account will order the daily BOGO through the Loyalty Rewards Cart (LRP) so that they can earn all of their shipping costs back and also at least 10% of their order back if it's higher than 50pv. To do this - keep your LRP order in place that you have setup for next month, and each day of the bogo - just click the ‘create additional LRP button’ to create a second LRP template just for BOGOs.

SCENARIO 2: If you do NOT currently have a Wholesale account - it is how over 5 million people in doTERRA purchase! You simply set it up for $35us/$42 Cdn and you receive 25% off for the entire year from your personal online doTERRA store. You can then purchase the BOGO oil at 25% off too!

To set it up - you will need the enroller ID of the doTERRA leader that has been guiding you. After you enter your info you can either choose to enroll with a kit or with just the wholesale account by selecting the 'Introductory Package' . Then you can add however many BOGOs you'd like to your cart at 25% off. For example, if the BOGO is "Buy one Grapefruit get a free Lemongrass," you would type 'grapefruit' into the cart section and proceed to checkout. The lemongrass will be automatically added to your cart.

Its BOGO week, and we are starting off with a phenomenal one!!! Who needs more rest, calming, and a swiss army knife?! For each bottle of Serenity you purchase (up to 5 per account), doterra will add a free bottle of Lavender to your order today.
Check out the comments below for more info on each oil

Happy bogo'ing!
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Listening to my newest Audible download... The Invitation by Ohriah Mountain Dreamer. This was highly suggested by my sister, @jazivogt
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I truly have the best husband. He has a full day of demo ahead of him, and he gives ME a @symphonyofthecells treatment before church.

Who knew one could experience so much zen, lying topless in her living room with a toddler running around, repeatedly saying "oh cwap!" (Thanks @callista.23 )
😮🤨🙄🤣🤫🧘‍♀️ #stateofmind #bestpartofwakingup #hesthebest #blessed #massage #relax

💊Red pill/blue pill??? 🧘‍♀️Nah, essential oils aren't quite like entering the Matrix... but learning about taking care of myself naturally has been one of the coolest journeys I've ever been on. 🚀Thank you, @loveyourlifewithmisty for offering me a seat on this rocket ship!

#embracethejourney #loveyourlife #holistic #natural #enterthematrix #trinity #essentialoils

I don't know that I would consider myself an empath, but definitely hyper sensitive to the energies and emotions of others.

There is a difference.

I've always thought everyone was like this, and didn't understand how some people could say things, because certainly they are going to hurt someone's feelings... I've always cried easily, and never had to "try" to put myself in someone else's "shoes" because my heart already somewhat understood how they were feeling....because I could feel it too.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a therapist, because people already came to me to work through issues... and while they felt better after our talks, I often felt drained. 🤔My sister said she wondered how many lives I've been a healer in... and that I was probably burned at the stake for being a witch.😒 I don't understand what Mercury retrograde is, how the alignment of our solar system affects us, how one heals another's energy, and all that, but would love to learn... but I have no clue where to start.

Also was wondering if it's just me, or does everyone feel like they are absorbing intense feelings this week... stronger than usual?

As I was unboxing my July #LRP , I couldn't help but think of the evolution of my @doterra orders over the last four years.

In the beginning, it was all about the oils... and I always made sure I ordered 125pv by the 15th, so I got my free oil.

It wasn't long before I became "that oil lady," and as I realized how I could make my own cleaners and stuff and save money, I decided I needed #AllTheThings .

Instead of ordering peppermint, serenity, balance, and lemon monthly, I branched out and started trying things like Citrus Bliss, Sandalwood, Cypress, and Elevation.

Quarterly, I'd take advantage of 200pv promos and get Frankincense, Deep Blue, Summer oils, and Immortelle for free.... And once I had every single oil DoTERRA offered, I decided it was time to try other products... laundry detergent, soap, skin care, and supplements. Supplements were last for me to try because I knew if I loved them, I'd have to buy them every month.... whereas the oils last much longer.

I didn't think I could justify spending so much on just me.

And after I actually used them, I realized that self care is not selfish. And they changed my life... I felt good... better than I had felt in over a decade. And I realized: a healthy and happy momma is beneficial for the whole family.

Now, not only do I take the supplements, but the whole family does.

My LRP now consists more of supplements and replacing household items...and as I get close to a "half full" bottle of oil, I toss it in my cart... because I don't want to run out of anything.

I don't pay attention to how much I spend anymore because I'm saving so much money with LRP points, sharing with people, maximizing my supplement order, making my own cleaning products, and not buying stuff here and there at the store.

How long have you been with doterra, and how have your orders changed over the years?

#inquiringminds #julyunboxing #evolution #healthyfam

🐷When you are at the county fair all day, you only pack the necessities: 💸Cash
👊PB Assist
💃Bone Nutrient Supplements
👌Terrazyme for the whole family
🕴On Guard sanitizing mist
🦄Phoenix Tears blend (melaleuca, helichrysum, lavender, and frankincense). What are your necessities?

#countyfair #4h #swinebarn #healthyfam #countrylife #staycation

I'm convinced that time stands still when the thermometer screen turns red...especially at 2:30am.

Oliver woke me early this morning. Not because he was restless, but because his foot was burning my leg.

In the past, this would have required leaving his side to make a groggy/somewhat panicked, hour long round trip to the store for something I had inevitably run out of/or had expired.

Who wants to leave her baby when he needs her the most?! It's not necessary anymore.

Every parent needs an easy button for moments like this.

Fill a small pump bottle with carrier oil.
Add a couple drops each
Frankincense: cellular support
Lavender: all things soothing
Rose: trust me
Spearmint: cooling (I prefer spearmint for my kids rather than peppermint)

This bottle has a special place on Oliver's shelf, so I know exactly where to go...even at 2:30am. Because it's in a pump bottle, I don't have to worry about fumbling with a cap in the dark.

Thank you, @doterra for a safe, effective, inexpensive easy button.

One less anxious momma

#onecoolkidlw #oliverkai #doterrafam #empowered #easybutton #natural

So much this

Ahimsa, Sanskrit for compassion/respect for all living things (non-violence). Shine like the universe is yours... because it truly is.
@natashawaltersyoga & @stacyrans , I absolutely love it! Thank you so much 😍

If you are looking for eco conscious/soul lifting retail therapy, @bodyworksyogastudio has the best.

#ahimsa #malaprayer #gratitude

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