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Today only, buy 5 mL Cardamom (49350001) get 15 mL Cilantro (41850001) FREE!

Check out the comments section to learn more about how I use these oils!

Learn more about these essential oils and how they work together here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/healthy-living-add-flavor-with-cardamom-cilantro

Click here for more information regarding BOGOs: https://www.facebook.com/notes/doterra-essential-oils/bogo-faq/10156237211829314/

Some rollers come from doterra undiluted, meaning zero additional fractionated coconut oil . These bottles can be diluted further, and I will attach a previous post in the comments explaining how I use mine.

The TOUCH roller bottles are prediluted, meaning doterra adds fractionated coconut oil to them so you don't have to. These babies are ready to go!!! Previous post regarding undiluted oils 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻
Sometimes, just sometimes an epiphany smacks you in the face, and you wonder why you haven't been doing something all along.

Yesterday, I posted a video on how we make our rollerbottles from dōTERRA stretch and why we dilute.

There is no reason to make a bunch of rollerbottles all at once if you don't need to.

See below how you can recycle one of your empties, and not waste a drop of oil! 💜 Remove the orifice reducer and label from an empty 15ml oil bottle. Use a couple drops of Lemon oil to remove the sticker residue from the bottle.
💜 Wash your empty bottle with hot soapy water and let thoroughly dry.
💜 Remove roller top from your undiluted rollerbottle from dōTERRA. (Clary Calm, Past Tense, In Tune, Immortelle, Deep Blue, HD Clear)
💜 Pour undiluted oil into clean empty bottle, and place a dropper top on new bottle.
💜 Use dropper to dispense desired amount of oil into rollerbottle.
💜 Top off rollerbottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil.
💜 Place roller top back on rollerbottle.
💜 Put a sticker on other bottle so you know what's in there.
💜 Now you have a ready to use Touch rollerbottle AND an undiluted bottle with a dropper already in it, ready to refill your Touch rollerbottle when needed!

Today only, buy AromaTouch® (31200001) and get Marjoram (30140001) FREE!

Check out the comments section to see more about these oils!

Learn more about these essential oils and how they work together here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/healthy-living-keep-calm-with-aromatouch-and-marjoram

Click here for more information regarding BOGOs: https://www.facebook.com/notes/doterra-essential-oils/bogo-faq/10156237211829314/

🙄A mother's work is never done. ⛆Especially when it rains hard all day long. 🤔I'm grateful we only had a few inches of standing water in the basement. 🤗I'm grateful we have a floor squeegee. 💪I'm grateful the basement floor was "ish" picked up... 👭 I'm grateful @callista.23 watched the kids so I could clean. ✌It took me less than 2 hours to pick things up, roll up the carpet, and push the water towards the sump pump. 😏It could have been so much worse. 😫My back was screaming when I was done. 😍I'm especially grateful for Past Tense. I typically would reach for the Deep Blue, but that was in my purse, and I was in my bedroom 😂. 😥I felt immediate relief. 🌊I'm sure there will be more water in the morning. ☔I will be ready for it 😎

#theresanoilforthat #basementlife #worksneverdone #achybreakyback #doterralife #doterrawife #deepandwide #floodedbasement

Wooohoooo, doTERRA Essential Oils! Way to deliver straight out of the gate!!!! I don't know about you, but Balance is my SPIRIT OIL & my kids and I use Peace often!!! Today only, buy 5 mL doTERRA Peace® (31710001) get 15 mL doTERRA Balance® (31010001) FREE!

Check the comments to see how to use Balance and Peace

Click here for more information regarding BOGOs: https://www.facebook.com/notes/doterra-essential-oils/bogo-faq/10156237211829314/

I'm a fan of @audible_com
As they say, "Leaders are readers."
I use it often, getting my "personal development" time in on my lunch break car rides.... they are the only time I have silence.

But when I can steal a few moments to delve into a book, I want to make sure I maximize my time.
I reach for my oil shelf, trusting my intuition to tell me which essential oil will help me stretch my mind, focus, and absorb as much of what I read as I can.
Today, it was Sandalwood.

What are you currently reading? Do you oil up before you crack a book?

#essentialoils #leadersarereaders #takealookitsinabook #readingrainbow #chakras #psychology #pathtoself #alwaysastudent #easternbodywesternmind #sandalwood #sacred

Attention hoarders, Spring cleaners, and purgers:

Did you know that Lemongrass is crucial to diffuse while tackling your closet, basement, or anywhere else you tend to....hoard/collect/store items that you really should let go of?

I'm starting small....my dresser.... Then onto the closet, if Oliver's nap allows.
You better believe that my diffuser is going full force.

Being a grown up is so fun.

How are you spending your Saturday?

#hoarder #letitgo #goodwill #salvationarmy #lemongrass #cleansing #whydoihavea2012w2forminmysockdrawer

From the muck, we emerge

Instinctively moving towards the light

Be the light that leads with love

#love #light #moonchild #lotus #yogini #yogi #leadwithlove #om #yoga #pray #meditate #namaste #growth #emerge #heal

My heart is so heavy for those involved in the Florida tragedy.

Hug your babies just a little bit tighter, and be the example that they need to see. There are so many out there who never had a good example of kindness and love growing up.
No hashtags.
No inspirational quotes.
Just lots of tears and lots of prayers...

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@essential.oil.style nailed it! I have seen SO MANY posts about people being down with this nasty crud going around... #wetakenochances #antieverything #eaudeoregano #natural #CrunchyMomma #protect #essentialoils #empowered #fluseason #momlife

🇯🇵 For as long as I can remember, I've dreamt of traveling to Japan. I'd close my eyes, root my feet into the same soil my ancestors tread, and breathe in the air that filled their lungs.
🇯🇵When I learned DoTERRA offered an essential oil sourced from the Japanese Cypress tree, I knew I needed it. DoTERRA sources Hinoki oil {pronounced huh-NO-key} from wood that builders would consider waste (ie: pieces that are too thin or considered unusable for building material)
🇯🇵The Hinoki tree grows straight and tall and is a very strong tree. This tree symbolizes strength and asks us to have the power to go straight towards our dreams to our inner strength, and to accomplish our goals.
🇯🇵The aroma of Hinoki oil comforts the mind, body, and spirit. It’s like hiking through a deep forest and quietly facing deep within ourselves.
🇯🇵From a therapeutic perspective, Hinoki oil does the following:
• Helps with blood circulation
•Supports head tension, menstrual pain, and muscle pain
• Supports the immune system
• Helps with swelling and inflammation
• Reduces the appearance of scars
• Promotes wound healing
• Can be used as a deodorant
• Works as an insect repellent
• Reduces signs of visible aging
🇯🇵If you'd like to see Hinoki oil become available to the US market, reach out to doTERRA customer support and let them know so we can show the demand. Or reach out to any of your oilers in the Asian market to bring home a bottle.
🇯🇵 Thank you, @doterra for my passport to the Land of the Rising Sun!

#doterrahinoki #hinokioil #essentialoil #japanesecypress #doterramom #gottahavethemall #passport #landoftherisingsun

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