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David Everitt-Carlson  🎨 Socially Articulated Creative Director 🎨 Paintings on 3"X3" cardboard, made on the High Line at 22nd or 30th St. by you at #iThinkOutsideMyBox

#AnthonyBourdain #KitchenConfidential: Best read in an all night diner;)

#iTOMB A little night 🌙 painting’s 🎨 always peaceful;)

“Stories never end” - Dawes (the band) For a number of years, #Blinky has been our friendly neighborhood junkie, panhandling in front of the 🌮 🛎 on 14th. But this spring he decided to get help and clean himself up. He’s HIV positive, so that, combined with his opioid addiction, qualify him for pretty amazing assistance compared to other homeless. Immediately he was given a private room at a YMCA, set up with counselors and put on a drug substitution regimen. And the results were nothing short of amazing. He got a cellphone, then bought a better one. He came to paint with us and I had dinner with him couple of times. He was articulate, smart and entertaining, despite not having a High School diploma or any proper upbringing. His dad’s essentially homeless and mom was never present. Considering all that, he came out as good as can be expected, but with a big heart, and big needs. This is where the drugs fill his holes from childhood. But after a while the drugs don’t work - and then after another while, rehab doesn’t work either. After not seeing him for a few months, I saw him back in front of the #TacoBell, strung out and back to his old tricks. “But I’m not a junkie every day!”, he protested, “And I’ve still got my apartment”, he yelled as I walked away in disappointment. What the services miss here, in their quest for cash (there’s a billion dollar market in rehab services) is that the reason the person ended up a junkie in the first place, was that they had psychological holes they couldn’t fill - so they poured drugs into them. Meanwhile, the general homeless population lives on the street or in Auschwitz comparable dormitory beds while the addicts are treated like kings, until they fall again. I had invested a lot of emotional time in Blinky, whose real name is Rene, when he’s straight. But I can’t do that anymore, because I don’t want to know when this sidewalk scratching becomes his tombstone:(

#iTOMB Omaida (#NewJersey #USA) “#TellYourStory” 07.13.18 - That’s what we’re all about - whatever your story is. Omaida was so encouraging with her group of friends and they all painted from their 💕 hearts, their stories;)

#iTOMB Molly 07.13.18 - I can’t say enough or too much about this. I just love it!

#iTOMB Jon (#USA) 07.14.18 - Sometimes the box has a hole in it. Sometimes that sparks an idea;)

#iTOMB Lina (#Ethiopia) 07.08.18

#iTOMB Martim (#Slovakia) 07.13.18 - The High Line at 22nd St. at sunset on Friday the 13th

I don’t quite understand why I feel out of place when I take a day off, guilty a little. Maybe it was my rough start to the year with rotten weather 🌧 through June and the ice🍦 cream fiasco that made me cherish any good day I could get. But this week’s been full of good ☀️ days and I’ve learned that just doing things 🎨 for the money is counter productive and so, my weekend, in the middle of the week. Laundry, new clothes, new mats for the studio and new music for the mind;) Ready for the weekend, renewed😎

#iTOMB Sofia and Emma Allen are our most loyal painters. Living just around the corner in #Chelsea, on 23rd, they began with their dad, Noel, in 2012 and have continued every year, even since moving to #HongKong three years ago. On Monday we were happy to see them again, just a little more grown up after six years😎

#iTOMB Meet the Allens. Noel Allen and his family have been painters since our beginning in 012 and every year since. Having moved to Hong Kong three years ago, they still make it back for a family session, once each year;) Emma, the youngest, began when she was two.

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