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Kaitlin ❁  "I don't understand hashtags" -Linda Wright. {GCC '21}

things that made me laugh until i cried: Lumiére dabbing in Be Our Guest
things that made me cry until i was laughed at: Emma Thompson #beourguest #beautyandthebeast 🥀

i hope the year of being the beauty queen is better than the year of being the dancing queen.

happy fasting from the girls in room 113. #30hourfaminecf

my baby lives in shades of cool

thank you so, so much for being such an amazing, encouraging, and God-fearing partner and friend. (and thanks for getting me back on that stage) there's no one i'd rather have been up there with than you, Lizzie ❤️

flames so hot that they turn blue

fun fact: we were fetuses once. #marchforlife

"may i never be complete. may i never be content. may i never be perfect." -chuck palahniuk, fight club
#se17iors #ss

{looking forward} to calling Grove City my home for the next four years. #se17iors #gccearlydecision #grovecitycollege (am i as cheesy as @hey.its.mckk yet)

we've had a blast filming Pitch Perfect 3 ☺️🎶 #bardenbellas #se17iors

just preformed my Last Dance™ at Kennywood and couldn't have asked for a better friend to do it with 😭❤️

"you are a thousand things, but everyone chooses to see the million things you are not." -who are you, really? #se17iors #sps

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