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it_willneverbethe_same  I write stories, hope you enjoy ✨

I walked down the hall, excited for camp. It was 7:00, but i woke up early. i wouldn't normally get up early but i I didn't care, I just wanted to get out of school. Abby and Jay walked with me to the bus and sat in the seat with me. Our camp was in the middle of nowhere, and our buses set off to an endless 2 hour trip to the place I was staying for the next three days with all the other kids on my team. I looked out the window, seeing dark outlines of fields and bleak gray skies hoping that I wouldn't suffer too much over the next 5 days. Only was the sun rising over the horizon, I had nodded off to sleep, and pressed my head against the window, and everything went dark ~ I was jolted awake to the sound of thunder. "Oh my gosh," I groaned. "I just wanted to sleep." "You have been for the past hour," Jay responded. Her dark skin and large brown eyes looked at me with amusement. "There's no such thing as too much sleep." I retorted. Thunder and lightening kept coming and I looked out the window. Then I saw dark gray ominous clouds in they sky. Well what was the sky, because there wasn't a hint of blue in it. Just dark gray, endless dark gray. There weren't any more fields but trees with glossy dark green leaves. It looked like we were on a safari, traveling on a dirt road with trees all around us with their leaves being blown with the strong wind. I had a bad feeling about this camp that I just couldn't shake.

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